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IoTeX partners with Google Cloud

Hassan Maishera - Cryptowisser
2022-03-10 11:29
The IoTeX team announced in a tweet on Wednesday that it has partnered with Google Cloud. The partnership will lead to the global expansion of MachineFi, the team added. IoTeX said Google Cloud will provide IoTeX developers with best-in-class infrastructure to make MachineFi dApps/services more secure, scalable, and reliable.
MachineFi is a new paradigm fueled by Web3 that underpins the new machine economy, whereby machine resources and intelligence can be financialized to deliver value and ownership to the people, not centralized corporations.
IoTeX's mission is to be a privacy-centric blockchain managing the entire information lifecycle of an Internet of Things (IoT) network, including data collection, transport, storage, and utilization.
IOTX is down by almost 4% so far today and is currently trading at $0.06972.
Source: Twitter
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