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What is margin trading?
Margin trading is a way of using funds provided by a third party to conduct asset transactions. Compared with regular trading accounts, margin trading accounts allow traders to obtain more funds and support them in using positions.
Trading Steps for Isolated & Cross Account
Go to the Margin Account page and select Transfer to transfer assets.
Go to Transfer
To start borrowing, select Borrow on your Margin Account, then confirm the asset.
Go to Borrow
Visit the Margin Trading page to start Margin trading.
Go to Trade
To repay your borrowings, go to the Margin Account page and select Repay for repayments.
Go to Repay
Useful Links:
Margin Data
Isolated Margin Tier
Insurance Fund
Trading Rules
Why choose Margin Trading?
600+ Trading Pair
Margin trading supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, and more.
Responsible Trading
Effectively control your transactions and trade in a responsible manner
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Best Trading Fees
Enjoy the best transaction rates for quality service.
High Liquidity
Binance Margin Trading provides excellent transaction depth.
Margin Trading Benefits
Insurance Fund
An insurance fund protects your account when your equity (assets-liabilities) is lower than 0 or the assets of the pledged currency borrowing orders are insolvent.
Cooling-off Period
In order to help users avoid excessive trading, margin trading has introduced a cooling-off period function.
Reliable Security
The risk fund protects your digital assets from all risks.
Getting Started
Margin Trading FAQ
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What is Margin Trading
How to Enable a Margin Account on Binance
Differences Between Isolated Margin and Cross Margin
How to Long on Margin Trading
How to Short on Margin Trading
What Is Margin Insurance Fund
Isolated Margin Trading Rules
Cross Margin Trading Rules
Margin Service Terms
This Binance Margin Account Agreement (this “Agreement”) shall apply to all Margin Accounts opened and maintained with Binance as well as all margin trading services provided by Binance to you. View Complete Margin Service Terms
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