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0xW3 Music Festival Live
2022-09-24 11:30
On September 24th, the first NFT Metaverse Music Party will be live in Shanghai, Hangzhou and London. The event will be co-hosted by 20 NFT communities including PUNKS, BAYC, MAYC, Otherside, Azuki, Doodles, Cool cats, Clone X, Moonbrids, Mimic shhans, Destroy, soulda16club, OutSad, DPGU, MOSTER, BoxcatPlanet, HalfHiding, TurtlecaseGang, Big Time, REVO, and BCC. Music NFT platform VoiceStreet, Web3.0 night-club entertainment MOST and IPC(Infinite Planet Club) are three major sponsors of the event. Co-sponsored by Element, a multi-chain aggregated marketplace, NFT analytic tool TwitterScan and NFTTrack, Web3 fashion brand KINGBOY, video NFT social platform REVO, and Mastri Birrai Umbri, an Italian winery with 100 years of quaility. With an estimation of over 200 participants, and a 100,000 prize pool, there will be more than 20 DJs and Hip-hop artists who have made their names in Asia and Europe igniting this extraordinary night, and many KOLs are coming to hype the scene.
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