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Binance Blockchain Week Paris Day 2
2022-09-15 07:40
Day 2 Web3 Culture Convergence 09:40AM - 16:20PM 09:40AM Bringing Pop Art To Web3 10:15AM A Web3 Tour of BNB Chain (Showcase) 10:45AM Creating a New Web3 Art Democracy 11:15AM Hitting the Right Web3 Note 11:40AM Traversing the Web3 World 12:00PM The Intersection of Fashion and Technology 12:20PM The Emergence of Decentralized Trading A Web3-Powered World 13:50PM The Power of Blockchain and Uplifting Communities 14:20PM Co-Existing With Traditional Finance 15:20PM The Seamless Web3 Future 15:50PM AMA With CZ
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