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Crypto Story EP3: How Law of Attraction Works
2022-08-18 22:00
Hey guys, CS EP3 is coming! We'll have Carl the Moon as our guest today! He's an influencer on Twitter and Youtube with millions of followers. He said that he's here on earth to prove that the Law of Attraction does work! Let's see how this attraction works and how he uses it in both crypto and his life! And if you have any questions, tweet at @diana_bnb Actually for my own self, I read the Law of Attraction for the first time while I was a teenager (around 12 yo) and I started to practice it myself. I used it only because the book taught me to do so, but it was mostly like astrology less like astronomy. However, recently I started to understand the logic and scientific reason behind it and I am using it in a different way now. During the show, make sure to drop a comment on whether you utilise the law of attraction in your own lives! Again, can't wait to see you guys! XOXO. Plus, Aug 2nd is my birthday, and you guys are allowed to comment lots of HBD to me during our show~~
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