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Applicant Demo 1 | Moonriver Grant Hackathon
2022-05-13 03:00
※Hi! Feel free to join DoraHacks Discord! #project-demo is a channel for project demo speakers and audience to share and communicate :D -Discord: -Find us on Twitter @DoraHacks, Telegram @hackerlinkofficial From March 23th to May 14th, the Moonriver Grant Hackathon brings $150,000 in prizes to all BUIDLers that are willing to build on Moonriver/Moonbase Alpha! The main goal is to reach as many developers/builders as possible so that they can start building, experimenting, and launching in a live, incentivized CanaryNet that's connected to Kusama MainNet. Application Guide: Today we invite 4 applicants to showcase their BUIDLs. Vulture Finance Moonpush DAO METALAUNCH SvetIndex
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