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Decentralized AI: SingularityNET
2022-05-05 01:25
Today we are glad to have Dr. Ben Goertzel — A leading AI researcher, AGI developer, and chair of the AGI society and Humanity+, also, The CEO of SingularityNET~ SingularityNET is a full-stack AI solution powered through a decentralized protocol. The core of SingularityNET is a set of smart contracts that currently run on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows dierent AI algorithms to be published, discovered, and used by anyone in the world. Like with blockchain technology, this smart contract layer enables an open market for AI. But unlike blockchains. SingularityNET utilizes its native token (AGIX) to power micro-transactions between AI services, allowing users to pay for only what they need rather than buying an entire service outright.
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