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Face-to-Face with STEPN!
2022-04-14 01:00
A gaming special Q&A live with STEPN co-founder Yawn Hi guys! Today we have Yawn, the co-founder of STEPN, the recent star of GameFi, and two loyal gamers of STEPN on our live stream. STEPN is an exercise concept web3 game that aims to encourage people to live a low carbon lifestyle by putting on their shoes and running more. STEPN’s player base shows that it is an overlap between the non-crypto community and the crypto community, and our two player representatives are quite representative: a veteran GameFi player and a professional fitness trainer. It is fair to say that STEPN is not only focused on human health but also on the increment of the crypto community and it is growing our industry as an evangelist. We all know that STEPN as a GameFi has great tokenkmics and anti-cheating mechanisms. Will the gaming experience be different for veteran GameFi players and professional fitness trainers? Let’s hear what kind of game-related questions STEPN players would like to ask Yawn~
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