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FutureFi - Revelation Hackathon Sub-Event
2022-04-05 12:00

Join us for a 7-hr Livestream packed with 22 speakers discussing the future of MetaFi, blockchain games, and NFT finance. FutureFi is a sub-event of the BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon, a 50-day event with up to $10m in prizes and seed funding. 
Learn more about FutureFi:
 Event Schedule (UTC): 12:00 - Keynote Speech 12:40 - Future of Lending & Staking 13:20 - Future of Institutional DeFi 14:00 - Future of Retail DeFi 14:40 - Future of DeFi Derivatives 15:30 - Beyond Bridging 16:10 - How to Embark on DeFi 16:50 - Future of DeFi Security 17:30 - Future of NFT Finance 18:10 - Future of GameFi Learn more about Revelation: Register for the hackathon: Revelation Live Sessions: Stay tuned for more about BNB Chain:
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