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Come and learn about DeFi 3.0!
2022-03-20 02:00
Do you know about oracle mechanism? What's its role in DeFi? How does it work with other protocols? Today we will have Ricky from Nest protocol as our guest to introduce oracle DeFi 3.0’s use case with many pioneering features as well as how can it solve the on-chain pricing problem by decentralized incentive solutions and adopt the market game theory to synchronize the off-chain market price information onto the chain through miners' quotation. Actively get involved in this event for a chance to win 300U of airdrops! If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to engage with @diana_bnb and @nest_protocol on Twitter to win airdrops! Agenda: Part 1. Short introduction of our guest today. Part 2. DeFi3.0’s competitive advantages. Part 3. Unique insights from Ricky about the DeFi infrastructure and the potential of an oracle project Part 4. In the warm-up phase of this AMA, there are six questions selected from Twitter that the community most care about. See u~
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