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DeFi 3.0 with Infinity Liquidity
2022-02-18 02:15
Have you ever used any DeFi products? Are you a DeFi Farmer? As everyone is talking about GameFi 2.0 and Web3.0. Today, we are going to explore DeFi 3.0. We will have Ricky from Fort Protocol as our guest to explain to us what is DeFi 3.0, what is the difference and revolution about. Actively get involved in our show for a chance to win 300U of airdrops! If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to engage with @dao_daiii and @FortPrtocol on Twitter to win airdrops! Here is our agenda: 1. Short introduction and milestones of our guest. 2. The revolution of DeFi from phase 1 to phase 3. 3. Ricky’s views on DeFi 3.0’s connection with DAO. 3. Questions selected from Twitter that our community most care about.
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