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Meet the Miami Bitbasel Hackathon host: BTC Queen Annalese
2021-11-19 02:00
Analese is the first BTC Queen. We met on the NFT.NYC conference and she was a speaker by then. As the cofounder of the Shitcoin 2021 Conference as well, Analyese got so many interesting facts I’d like to share with you. She got close connections with many well-know projects and she has also launched some of hers. She launched the first Social token on Wax blockchain:, established the first NFT pop up gallery in miami, and has built over 10+ brands, staple in the Miami Community. She is also hosting the Miami Hackathon right now: november 12- december 5th If you are in the US would like to join the Miami Basel, or if you want to join the Hackathon and win a prize, or just interested in NFT and want yo meet the BTC Queen, or miss me! COME and I’ll see you there~xoxo
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