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Flexible Savings

Flexible Savings are your Crypto savings account. Just subscribe your crypto to earn interest with the flexibility to withdraw your funds promptly at any time. It will also make good use of your idle funds with automatic purchases.

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How it works


With Binance Savings, you can choose from a wide suite of crypto saving options. Available in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and more.


Binance Savings products helps maximize your benefit. Just hold your funds in the Binance Savings product you are subscribed to and grow your wealth with accruing interest.

Get Earnings

Interest will be distributed to you every day (for Flexible Savings) or on the redemption date (for Locked Savings) automatically.

Hold and Earn

Whether you’re a crypto holder or a frequent trader who wants to take a break from the action, the crypto savings services offered on Binance Savings allows you to still produce some gains for your holdings, regardless of how much the crypto market moves.

Convenient to Use

You can start using Binance Savings with just a few clicks. Subscribe your funds quickly, and take advantage of automatic redemption for Flexible Savings, or easy and quick manual redemption for Flexible Savings.

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