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Send customized gift cards in bulk to anyone, anywhere.
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Employee perks
Motivate employee with co-branded gift card to drive employee engagment and create positive impressions of your company
Improve transaction efficiency and simplify global disbursement process through the adoption of blockchain
Customer loyalty
Improve customer satisfaction and show your creativity with exclusive reward. Customized gift card can differentiate your brand from competitors.
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Product Features
Email gift cards
Hassle free and customized delivery.
Gift card redemption codes
Distribution in however way you like
API Solution
Seamless, secure and create gift card in an instant
BINANCE X Gift Card Program
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Limited Edition Collab Gift Cards
Facilitate fanbase referrals
Offer collectible rewards
Strengthen community interaction
Crowdfunding Booster
Incentivize supporters
Improve trading metrics
Raise brand awareness
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Why Binance?
24*7 Customer Service
Largest crypto exchange by trade volume
World leading blockchain and crypto learning resources
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