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Multi-Assets Info
Portfolio Margin
Multi-Assets Mode Supported Assets
Margin AssetsCollateral Value Ratio
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Maximum Transfer-in
Maximum Transfer-in
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Please note:
Users should transfer the above margin to USDⓈ-M Futures for collateral;
BNB balance in USDⓈ-M Futures wallet can still be used for trading fee discounts;
Certain assets used as margin in multi-asset mode will receive a value haircut. For instance, BNB with a market value of $1000 will be valued at $950 and ADA with a market value of $1,000 will be valued at $900 when used as margin in multi-assets mode;
BNB used as multi-assets margin will be counted towards BNB holding calculation.
Auto Exchange
AssetsAuto Exchange ThresholdAuto Exchange HaircutAuto Exchange Bid BufferAuto Exchange Ask Buffer
No data
Under the Multi-Assets mode, auto exchange will happen under 3 circumstances:
1. When Asset Wallet Balance is less than autoExchangeThreshold (-10,000 USD);
2. When users get liquidated, auto exchange will be immediately triggered if the BUSD/USDT in the USDⓈ-M Futures Wallet balance is not enough to cover the deficit.
3. When you do not have existing positions or open orders, the system will continuously calculate the LTV (loan to value). When LTV ≥ 1, auto-exchange will be triggered.
For example, when your BUSD balance is -20,000 BUSD, auto exchange will be triggered. 20,000 BUSD / 97.5% = 20,513 BUSD of the BTC will be changed to BUSD to balance the wallet.
If there are multiple assets under Multi-Asset Mode, when the auto exchange is triggered, they will be automatically converted to negative assets according to the proportion of each asset. In order to avoid the loss of automatic exchange, users can transfer or exchange independently before reaching the automatic exchange threshold.
Multi-Assets Exchange Rate
PairAsk RateBid RateIndex PriceBid BufferAsk Buffer
No data
Update Time:
USD valuation of the Margin assets in the USDⓈ-M Futures account are calculated according to the real-time exchange rate under Multi-Assets mode, including the available balance for orders and withdrawals.