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Trading Rules
* The number of open conditional orders (including Stop Limit, Stop Market and Trailing Stop) at the same time is limited to 10 per symbol per user. Open conditional orders are included in maximum open orders.
Min. Trade Amount
Min. Price Movement
Order Price Cap Ratio
Order Price Floor Ratio
Max. Market Order Qty
Max. Open Order Qty
Price Protection Threshold
Min. Notional Value
BTCUSDT Perpetual0.001 BTC0.01 USDT15%15%1000 BTC2005%5 USDT
ETHUSDT Perpetual0.001 ETH0.01 USDT15%15%10000 ETH2005%5 USDT
BCHUSDT Perpetual0.001 BCH0.01 USDT15%15%1000 BCH2005%5 USDT
XRPUSDT Perpetual0.1 XRP0.0001 USDT15%15%1000000 XRP2005%5 USDT
EOSUSDT Perpetual0.1 EOS0.001 USDT15%15%200000 EOS2005%5 USDT
LTCUSDT Perpetual0.001 LTC0.01 USDT15%15%10000 LTC2005%5 USDT
TRXUSDT Perpetual1 TRX0.00001 USDT15%15%10000000 TRX2005%5 USDT
ETCUSDT Perpetual0.01 ETC0.001 USDT15%15%100000 ETC2005%5 USDT
LINKUSDT Perpetual0.01 LINK0.001 USDT15%15%100000 LINK2005%5 USDT
XLMUSDT Perpetual1 XLM0.00001 USDT15%15%1000000 XLM2005%5 USDT
ADAUSDT Perpetual1 ADA0.00001 USDT15%15%10000000 ADA2005%5 USDT
XMRUSDT Perpetual0.001 XMR0.01 USDT15%15%10000 XMR2005%5 USDT
DASHUSDT Perpetual0.001 DASH0.01 USDT15%15%3000 DASH20015%5 USDT
ZECUSDT Perpetual0.001 ZEC0.01 USDT15%15%10000 ZEC20015%5 USDT
XTZUSDT Perpetual0.1 XTZ0.001 USDT15%15%600000 XTZ2005%5 USDT
BNBUSDT Perpetual0.01 BNB0.001 USDT15%15%20000 BNB2005%5 USDT
ATOMUSDT Perpetual0.01 ATOM0.001 USDT15%15%100000 ATOM20015%5 USDT
ONTUSDT Perpetual0.1 ONT0.0001 USDT15%15%500000 ONT20015%5 USDT
IOTAUSDT Perpetual0.1 IOTA0.0001 USDT15%15%200000 IOTA20015%5 USDT
BATUSDT Perpetual0.1 BAT0.0001 USDT15%15%1000000 BAT20015%5 USDT
VETUSDT Perpetual1 VET0.000001 USDT15%15%10000000 VET20015%5 USDT
NEOUSDT Perpetual0.01 NEO0.001 USDT15%15%20000 NEO20015%5 USDT
QTUMUSDT Perpetual0.1 QTUM0.001 USDT15%15%100000 QTUM20015%5 USDT
IOSTUSDT Perpetual1 IOST0.000001 USDT15%15%10000000 IOST20015%5 USDT
THETAUSDT Perpetual0.1 THETA0.0001 USDT15%15%400000 THETA20015%5 USDT
ALGOUSDT Perpetual0.1 ALGO0.0001 USDT15%15%1000000 ALGO20015%5 USDT
ZILUSDT Perpetual1 ZIL0.00001 USDT15%15%5000000 ZIL20015%5 USDT
KNCUSDT Perpetual1 KNC0.00001 USDT15%15%300000 KNC20015%5 USDT
ZRXUSDT Perpetual0.1 ZRX0.0001 USDT15%15%500000 ZRX20015%5 USDT
COMPUSDT Perpetual0.001 COMP0.01 USDT15%15%2500 COMP20015%5 USDT
OMGUSDT Perpetual0.1 OMG0.0001 USDT15%15%200000 OMG20015%5 USDT
DOGEUSDT Perpetual1 DOGE0.000001 USDT15%15%5000000 DOGE20015%5 USDT
SXPUSDT Perpetual0.1 SXP0.0001 USDT15%15%500000 SXP20015%5 USDT
KAVAUSDT Perpetual0.1 KAVA0.0001 USDT15%15%250000 KAVA20015%5 USDT
BANDUSDT Perpetual0.1 BAND0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 BAND20015%5 USDT
RLCUSDT Perpetual0.1 RLC0.0001 USDT15%15%300000 RLC20015%5 USDT
WAVESUSDT Perpetual0.1 WAVES0.0001 USDT15%15%70000 WAVES20015%5 USDT
MKRUSDT Perpetual0.001 MKR0.01 USDT15%15%250 MKR20015%5 USDT
SNXUSDT Perpetual0.1 SNX0.001 USDT15%15%40000 SNX20015%5 USDT
DOTUSDT Perpetual0.1 DOT0.001 USDT15%15%200000 DOT2005%5 USDT
DEFIUSDT Perpetual0.001 DEFI0.1 USDT15%15%300 DEFI20015%5 USDT
YFIUSDT Perpetual0.001 YFI0.1 USDT15%15%50 YFI20015%5 USDT
BALUSDT Perpetual0.1 BAL0.001 USDT15%15%20000 BAL20015%5 USDT
CRVUSDT Perpetual0.1 CRV0.001 USDT15%15%300000 CRV20015%5 USDT
TRBUSDT Perpetual0.1 TRB0.001 USDT15%15%10000 TRB20015%5 USDT
YFIIUSDT Perpetual0.001 YFII0.1 USDT15%15%100 YFII20015%5 USDT
RUNEUSDT Perpetual1 RUNE0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 RUNE20015%5 USDT
SUSHIUSDT Perpetual1 SUSHI0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 SUSHI20015%5 USDT
SRMUSDT Perpetual1 SRM0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 SRM20015%5 USDT
BZRXUSDT Perpetual1 BZRX0.0001 USDT15%15%1000000 BZRX20015%5 USDT
EGLDUSDT Perpetual0.1 EGLD0.001 USDT15%15%10000 EGLD20015%5 USDT
SOLUSDT Perpetual1 SOL0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 SOL20015%5 USDT
ICXUSDT Perpetual1 ICX0.0001 USDT15%15%300000 ICX20015%5 USDT
STORJUSDT Perpetual1 STORJ0.0001 USDT15%15%500000 STORJ20015%5 USDT
BLZUSDT Perpetual1 BLZ0.00001 USDT15%15%2000000 BLZ20015%5 USDT
UNIUSDT Perpetual1 UNI0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 UNI20015%5 USDT
AVAXUSDT Perpetual1 AVAX0.0001 USDT15%15%25000 AVAX20015%5 USDT
FTMUSDT Perpetual1 FTM0.000001 USDT15%15%1000000 FTM20015%5 USDT
HNTUSDT Perpetual1 HNT0.0001 USDT15%15%75000 HNT20015%5 USDT
ENJUSDT Perpetual1 ENJ0.00001 USDT15%15%1000000 ENJ20015%5 USDT
FLMUSDT Perpetual1 FLM0.0001 USDT15%15%1000000 FLM20015%5 USDT
TOMOUSDT Perpetual1 TOMO0.0001 USDT15%15%300000 TOMO20015%5 USDT
RENUSDT Perpetual1 REN0.00001 USDT15%15%500000 REN20015%5 USDT
KSMUSDT Perpetual0.1 KSM0.001 USDT15%15%2000 KSM20015%5 USDT
NEARUSDT Perpetual1 NEAR0.0001 USDT15%15%250000 NEAR20015%5 USDT
AAVEUSDT Perpetual0.1 AAVE0.001 USDT15%15%5000 AAVE20015%5 USDT
FILUSDT Perpetual0.1 FIL0.001 USDT15%15%50000 FIL20015%5 USDT
RSRUSDT Perpetual1 RSR0.000001 USDT15%15%10000000 RSR20015%5 USDT
LRCUSDT Perpetual1 LRC0.00001 USDT15%15%700000 LRC20015%5 USDT
MATICUSDT Perpetual1 MATIC0.00001 USDT15%15%5000000 MATIC20015%5 USDT
OCEANUSDT Perpetual1 OCEAN0.00001 USDT15%15%200000 OCEAN20015%5 USDT
CVCUSDT Perpetual1 CVC0.00001 USDT15%15%1000000 CVC20015%5 USDT
BELUSDT Perpetual1 BEL0.00001 USDT15%15%200000 BEL20015%5 USDT
CTKUSDT Perpetual1 CTK0.00001 USDT15%15%150000 CTK20015%5 USDT
AXSUSDT Perpetual1 AXS0.00001 USDT15%15%100000 AXS20015%5 USDT
ALPHAUSDT Perpetual1 ALPHA0.00001 USDT15%15%500000 ALPHA20015%5 USDT
ZENUSDT Perpetual0.1 ZEN0.001 USDT15%15%10000 ZEN20015%5 USDT
SKLUSDT Perpetual1 SKL0.00001 USDT15%15%1000000 SKL20015%5 USDT
GRTUSDT Perpetual1 GRT0.00001 USDT15%15%300000 GRT20015%5 USDT
1INCHUSDT Perpetual1 1INCH0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 1INCH20015%5 USDT
BTCBUSD Perpetual0.001 BTC0.1 BUSD5%5%20 BTC20015%5 BUSD
AKROUSDT Perpetual1 AKRO0.00001 USDT15%15%7000000 AKRO20015%5 USDT
CHZUSDT Perpetual1 CHZ0.00001 USDT15%15%5000000 CHZ20015%5 USDT
SANDUSDT Perpetual1 SAND0.00001 USDT15%15%1000000 SAND20015%5 USDT
ANKRUSDT Perpetual1 ANKR0.000001 USDT15%15%5000000 ANKR20015%5 USDT
LUNAUSDT Perpetual1 LUNA0.0001 USDT15%15%30000 LUNA20015%5 USDT
BTSUSDT Perpetual1 BTS0.00001 USDT15%15%3000000 BTS20015%5 USDT
LITUSDT Perpetual0.1 LIT0.001 USDT15%15%20000 LIT20015%5 USDT
UNFIUSDT Perpetual0.1 UNFI0.001 USDT15%15%5000 UNFI20015%5 USDT
DODOUSDT Perpetual0.1 DODO0.001 USDT15%15%100000 DODO20015%5 USDT
REEFUSDT Perpetual1 REEF0.000001 USDT15%15%3000000 REEF20015%5 USDT
RVNUSDT Perpetual1 RVN0.00001 USDT15%15%300000 RVN20015%5 USDT
SFPUSDT Perpetual1 SFP0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 SFP20015%5 USDT
XEMUSDT Perpetual1 XEM0.0001 USDT15%15%200000 XEM20015%5 USDT
COTIUSDT Perpetual1 COTI0.00001 USDT15%15%500000 COTI20015%5 USDT
CHRUSDT Perpetual1 CHR0.0001 USDT15%15%200000 CHR20015%5 USDT
MANAUSDT Perpetual1 MANA0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 MANA20015%5 USDT
ALICEUSDT Perpetual0.1 ALICE0.001 USDT15%15%10000 ALICE20015%5 USDT
BTCUSDT 06250.001 BTC0.1 USDT15%15%10 BTC20015%5 USDT
ETHUSDT 06250.001 ETH0.01 USDT15%15%100 ETH20015%5 USDT
HBARUSDT Perpetual1 HBAR0.00001 USDT15%15%300000 HBAR20015%5 USDT
ONEUSDT Perpetual1 ONE0.00001 USDT15%15%1000000 ONE20015%5 USDT
LINAUSDT Perpetual1 LINA0.00001 USDT15%15%500000 LINA20015%5 USDT
STMXUSDT Perpetual1 STMX0.00001 USDT15%15%1000000 STMX20015%5 USDT
DENTUSDT Perpetual1 DENT0.000001 USDT15%15%3000000 DENT20015%5 USDT
CELRUSDT Perpetual1 CELR0.00001 USDT15%15%1000000 CELR20015%5 USDT
HOTUSDT Perpetual1 HOT0.000001 USDT15%15%5000000 HOT20015%5 USDT
MTLUSDT Perpetual1 MTL0.0001 USDT15%15%50000 MTL20015%5 USDT
OGNUSDT Perpetual1 OGN0.0001 USDT15%15%100000 OGN20015%5 USDT
BTTUSDT Perpetual1 BTT0.000001 USDT15%15%5000000 BTT20015%5 USDT
NKNUSDT Perpetual1 NKN0.00001 USDT15%15%150000 NKN20015%5 USDT
SCUSDT Perpetual1 SC0.000001 USDT15%15%1000000 SC20015%5 USDT