Position Increase
According to the comprehensive assessment, your Maximum Position Increase Ratio is:
After the increase, your position limit would be 100% of the default value, and the maximum leverage that can be placed for the symbol is
We will regularly evaluate your maximum position limit and adjust your increase ratio on the 1st of each month.
Binance reserves the right to interpret the maximum position ratio you can increase.
Position Limit Increase Fee
VIP LevelBUSD FuturesOther Futures
0U / symbol / month0U / symbol / month
Your position limit increase service will be automatically renewed on the 1st of each month. Fees will be deducted from your Futures account. You can visit here to cancel at any time.
For VIP 4-9, the increased position limit will be cancelled automatically if positions aren't opened for 15 days.
Position Limit Adjustment Data
Coin-M Futures service would launch later. Stay tuned!
Position Limit
My Adjustment
LeverageMax Position before IncreaseMax Position after Increase
20x0.00 0.00
19x0.00 0.00
18x0.00 0.00
17x0.00 0.00
16x0.00 0.00
15x0.00 0.00
14x0.00 0.00
13x0.00 0.00
12x0.00 0.00
11x0.00 0.00
10x0.00 0.00
9x0.00 0.00
8x0.00 0.00
7x0.00 0.00
6x0.00 0.00
5x0.00 0.00
4x0.00 0.00
3x0.00 0.00
2x0.00 0.00
1x0.00 0.00
SymbolPosition Limit Increase ServiceIncreased PercentageExpiration TimeLast Adjustment Time
No data