Highlights from the Cardano Summit 2022 reveal some exciting details and events, including an upcoming partnership with the Switzerland UNHCR and the USDA launch from EMURGO.

Following the Cardano Summit 2022, a few of the most significant highlights of the event revealed some exciting details and announcements of groundbreaking developments. Some of these upcoming events include a Cardano partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Switzerland and the launch of the stablecoin USDA from EMURGO.

CEO of the Cardano Foundation Frederik Gregaard took to Twitter to disclose these highlights from the just-concluded event to reveal exciting details and underscore the significant developments to be expected in the coming days.


According to Gregaard, over 60,000 people were present at the event through all three channels of attendance provided. Many people were present at the main event in the Swiss city of Lausanne. There was also a provision to join the event virtually through online streams, which many took advantage of.

Others who could not reach Lausanne went to the  50+ local community-driven events worldwide.

Gregaard highlighted that the event featured over 70 speakers across 80+ sessions within the two days it was held. Discussions from the event were centered on several crucial subject matters, including but not limited to the PoS consensus mechanism, meme coins with a speech from Bullish Dumpling on Hosky, staking, SPOs, and Voltaire.

The Cardano Foundation Chief further underscored two important announcements from the event, noting that he is especially excited to see the developments materialize. According to him, these include the upcoming USDA stablecoin, which The Crypto Basic previously highlighted, and the Cardano Foundation collaboration with the UNHCR Switzerland.

The launch of the stablecoin is an attempt to provide investors and businesses within the crypto space with an opportunity to hold a fully fiat-backed asset on the Cardano protocol that is resistant to the neverending volatilities that characterize the cryptocurrency space.

As recently announced at the Summit event and through an official press release, the Cardano Foundation is looking to hold the second version of its Annual Global Impact initiative through a collaboration with the UNHCR of Switzerland. The first Global Impact Challenge, which occurred last year, featured a collaboration with Veritree to plant one tree for every ADA donated by the community. So far, 350K trees have been planted.

The second Annual Global Impact challenge will see the UNHCR for Switzerland launch a charity pool on Cardano overseen by a Swiss-based digital asset infrastructure provider Taurus. The Cardano Foundation will include a stake delegation of up to 3.5 million ADA.

As the pool generates stake rewards, 80% of these rewards will be allotted to the UNHCR for Switzerland to champion support for forcibly displaced individuals. The other 20% will support the organization’s innovation project funds.

“The collaboration with Switzerland for UNHCR is an embodiment of the Foundation’s ethos. We strongly believe in using blockchain to improve conditions for everyone, and doing so with the active participation of the Cardano community,” Gregaard remarked, speaking on the development.

Gregaard, in his tweets, disclosed another significant highlight of the event: a need for education. He acknowledged the importance of education to the Cardano Foundation’s mission and revealed that the foundation is looking to launch an in-depth blockchain course.

“Education has always been at the forefront of @Cardano_CF’s mission. It’s crucially important to arm yourself with the correct tools to navigate this industry. So the #CardanoFoundation is preparing an in-depth blockchain course,” Gregaard said in a tweet. 

The blockchain course from Cardano Foundation attempts to educate the community on the rudiments of the industry they are so invested in to equip them with the right knowledge on how to scale the scene.

The platform has already been launched with an opportunity for interested participants to sign up for early access. Data from the platform reveals that the courses will cover topics such as Cardano, Blockchain Fundamentals and Generations, Cryptography, Blockchain Structure and Components, and Consensus Algorithms.

Concluding his thread of tweets, Gregaard highlighted Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson’s speech on the significance of decentralization in the industry. Gregaard mentioned that he looks forward to witnessing what IOHK will present to measure decentralization. “A good measure of decentralization is something the #blockchain industry requires,” he added.

Hoskinson, who delivered the closing keynote address on the event’s second day, touched on decentralization. The 35-year-old American entrepreneur indicated his commitment to ensuring the Cardano network runs as a fully decentralized chain.