Music technology companies Tuned Global and Revelator have joined forces to bring intuitive Web3 tools into the Web2 music-streaming realm. Together they are looking to offer a variety of integrations, from digital assets to payment solutions, in hopes to create a seamless connection between the two worlds.

? is this thing on? Did you know that Revelator now enables our customers to mint, sell and track NFTs from the same platform that powers distribution, royalty accounting, analytics and more. Want to learn more?

— Revelator (@GetRevelator) February 27, 2023

While native Web3 platforms exist for artists to release token-enabled tracks, this particular collaboration brings that ability to a broader audience. This is achieved by enabling Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and Tuned Global's customers to empower artists to mint and distribute music releases as Polygon-based NFTs directly on their Web2 streaming platforms.

"This partnership lets music lovers collect NFTs in fan-friendly ways where they are already experiencing music," explained Revelator's CEO Bruno Guez in a press release shared with Hypemoon.

He added that "fans won’t need to mess with wallets or special Web3 players, or even leave their favorite music platform. They’ll pay with a credit card. This access and ease will open up new revenue streams for artists, as more fans jump in."

Revelator's role in the partnership will be to provide Tuned Global with a white-label platform, facilitating minting, selling, distribution, reporting, and tracking of music NFTs. As a result, fans using Tuned's white-label music apps or APIs will be equipped to seamlessly explore, discover, and collect digital offerings on the apps they're most familiar with.

Notably, the Revelator's Web3 infrastructure solutions will go beyond tokenized releases and will be responsible for the distribution of royalty payments via smart contracts -- one of the first instances where a DSP will facilitate on-chain royalty payments.

"Many of our clients are building streaming services in markets where large-scale DSPs just don’t work well enough for local artists, their fans, or the company," shared Tuned Global’s Managing Director and Founder Con Raso, adding that "NFTs will provide a whole new avenue for revenue in markets with a strong local scene and culture. Local fans adore the artists who are torchbearers for their culture, and now they can support and reward them in new ways, even if they are not yet familiar with Web3."

Additionally, the head of Revelator Labs, Gilad Woltsovitch, said expressed that, "the Web3 music ecosystem will exist in parallel to the streaming economy for years to come. To maximize their benefits, creators will need to engage in both, recognizing their distinct strengths and potential for synergistic collaboration."

In related news, DJ and digital artist Agoria celebrates two years in Web3 with a song that Grants NFT holders royalties.

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