Jordan Bayne has announced the launch of the MetaCannes Film3 Festival in collaboration with Theta Network! This innovative festival will take place from May 16th to May 29th, 2023, during the Cannes Film Festival. Further, it will be powered by Theta Network’s NFT-based digital rights management (DRM).

The Film3 movement promises a better, more equitable future for filmmakers


MetaCannes Film3 Festival with Theta Network: All You Need to Know

The MetaCannes Film3 Festival is the latest initiative in The Squad’s mission to promote Film3 as the Next Wave of Cinema. This movement promises a better, more equitable future for filmmakers. It aims to fight discrimination within the industry and also offer a new pathway for creatives to build sustainable careers.

Here are the details:

  • The festival will showcase the top leaders in the Film3 media and entertainment industries. This includes Oscar winners, distinguished actors, and directors.

  • The METACANNES Streaming Pass will be available for sale on Theta Drop. Theta Drop is Theta Network’s native NFT Marketplace, from May 2nd, 2023.

  • Holders of the streaming pass will have 14 days of access to the highly curated library of short films. Additionally, they get a Special Screening of the historic BAFTA and Oscar-winning short The Irish Goodbye.

  • The MetaCannes Film3 Festival will feature 25 hours of Q&As, panels, films, and also short films native to Film3 or made within the traditional industry.

  • The festival has received support from several companies within the Film3 movement. This includes Oscar Winner Studios First Flights and Goldfinch Entertainment, Keepers of the Inn, and Bingeable. Additionally, allies such as Film3 Summit, Future of Cinema, Next Wave Studio, and OnCyber.

According to Jordan Bayne, “Community is the utility, and Film3 is the product, the result is an innovative way to move the needle forward for a better future for all filmmakers.

How Filmmaking Changes Year on Year via the Web3 Vessel

The festival is an excellent opportunity for creators and event organizers to reach a global audience through Theta’s patented digital rights technology for decentralized video and live streaming.

Moveover, Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs, believes this partnership is crucial for the film industry. He believes this as it embraces Web3 and next-generation creator-centric models. “The MetaCannes Film3 Festival is the perfect opportunity to showcase Theta’s token-gated digital rights management solution that empowers filmmakers and event organizers to reach a global audience like never before.” says Liu.

Bingeable’s Founder and Co-CEO Stephen Murray added, “We are committed to reinventing the way films are made, marketed, and sold, and this unique festival, powered by our friends at Theta, will serve to show the world how creators and communities are going to change the entertainment industry forever.

Finally, the MetaCannes Film3 Festival marks a firm stance of Web3 in the film industry. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in the future of cinema, and also the role of blockchain technology in transforming the entertainment industry.

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