Key Points:

  • Avalanche’s Cortina upgrade was activated on the mainnet.

  • Cortina has 3 key optimizations which will provide developers on the blockchain with a better experience.

  • The upgrade includes migrating X-Chain to run the Snowman++ consensus.

According to the official announcement, Avalanche’s Cortina upgrade went live on the mainnet yesterday around 16:00 UTC.

Cortina is the most recent version of AvalancheGo, and it includes three key optimizations that will improve the experience of the blockchain developers.

According to previous reports, the Cortina upgrade includes migrating X-Chain to run the Snowman++ consensus, implying that the entire network has been migrated to a single consensus engine, reducing the size of the trusted computing base and increasing the leverage of existing R&D efforts.

The Cortina upgrade also includes batch authorization rewards and a 1500 gas cap on the C-Chain. Protocol improvements in the Cortina update are incompatible with AvalancheGo v1.10.0 versions. Before activating a node on Fuji, verifiers’ software must be upgraded to AvalancheGo v1.10.0.

The price of Avalanche, like the rest of the cryptocurrencies, has dropped in recent days, much to the chagrin of many investors ahead of the Cortina upgrade. Following a successful testnet launch earlier this month, the next upgrade went live on the mainnet on April 25, exceeding AVAX holders’ expectations.

AVAX price chart. Source: TradingView

As Bitcoin reclaims the $28,000 mark, the AVAX price is recovering along with the rest of the market. Cortina, the most significant network upgrade, will allow exchanges to easily support the Avalanche’s X-Chain, which is used by the protocol to send and receive funds. According to Avalanche, the upgrade will also allow for faster development, among other advantages.

This month’s Avalanche ecosystem news does not stop with Cortina. It also released “Evergreen Subnets,” a set of institutional blockchain tooling and customizations designed to meet the needs of financial services companies. This product aims to give institutions control over their blockchain environment while also allowing for inter-company communication.

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