• Telegram’s wallet bot has integrated a new feature to enable users to buy, exchange and withdraw Bitcoin.

  • While users can carry out several operations with Bitcoin via the app’s web interface, an app-related update is being developed. 

  • The move has expanded the already famous services related to cryptocurrency available in the chat program.

Users of the Telegram app can now buy, exchange and withdraw Bitcoin. Both the Wallet bot and related services that enable such functions were established by a third-party rather than Telegram itself. 

As a matter of fact, third-party developers who use the open bot API of Telegram have created the Wallet bot and related services. Having said that, the API can be used by anyone for the purpose of developing their personal crypto-based bot with Telegram’s involvement. 

@wallet web interface users can access, purchase, exchange, withdraw as well as make P2P transactions via the web interface of Telegram in Bitcoin, according to the April 21 announcement from the @wallet account. 

The announcement mentions that this decision has been created upon the current services based on cryptos that are renowned inside the chat program. 

With Bitcoin being available on the @wallet web interface with a new instance exchange, purchasing Bitcoin through a bank card or the P2P market is possible in the “Buy & Sell” section of the user-friendly interface.


₿𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: Telegram adopts #bitcoin

— Documenting ₿itcoin  (@DocumentingBTC) April 21, 2023


The announcement reminded users that the platform’s upgraded exchange can instantly swap Tether, Bitcoin and Telegram Open Network with each other.

With the consistent increase in the popularity and adoption of cryptos, it is interesting to see how Telegram as well as other third-party industry players further innovate and adapt to the changing requirements and expectations of users worldwide. 

Telegram’s move to introduce peer-to-peer trading for Bitcoin besides expanding the scope of cryptos is nothing less than a major step in the company’s attempts towards emerging as a major participant in the rapidly-developing DeFi world.Previously, Investor Bites reported when Telegram announced its plan to allow users to send USDT via chats.

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