• Shapella upgrade will introduce EIP-1559, proof-of-stake and improve scalability.

  • Client teams set April 12th as the date for the upgrade to go live.

  • The upgrade will enhance both execution and consensus layers.

The Ethereum network is on the cusp of a significant upgrade as the Shapella upgrade undergoes its final rounds of testing. According to reports, the Ethereum Developer Conference recently announced that the upgrade is entering its final stages, with a final test on the main network and cross-client testing of the latest releases. 


And that was it! Next ACDE is set for April 13, right after Shapella ! See you then 

— timbeiko.eth  (@TimBeiko) March 30, 2023


The Shapella upgrade is set to introduce various new features to Ethereum, including implementing EIP-1559. This upgrade will help reduce transaction fees and introduce proof-of-stake, significantly improving the network’s scalability. In addition, the Shapella upgrade is expected to enhance the speed of the Ethereum network.

Based on a recent Ethereum Foundation blog, the client teams unanimously set a date for the upgrade to go live on April 12th after reaching a consensus during the 157th AllCoreDevs Execution Layer meeting. The announcements came following a smooth transition and successful testing on the Goerli test network.

Additionally, as the previous blog post mentioned, the Shapella upgrade is set to follow The Merge, allowing validators to withdraw their stake from the beacon chain and return it to the execution layer. Along with this, the upgrade introduces new features to both the execution and consensus layers of the Ethereum network, which will further enhance its functionality and performance.

To conclude, the Shapella upgrade is a significant achievement for both Ethereum and the broader blockchain industry, as it offers improved scalability, reduced transaction fees, and enhanced security to the network. As the testing phase approaches its final stages, the Ethereum community anticipates the upgrade’s implementation and the innovative changes it will bring to the platform.

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