Coinspeaker YouTube Announces Chief Product Officer and Web3 Tech Bull as New CEO

The new YouTube CEO, Neal Mohan, is a web3 tech fanatic who has pushed for NFTs and Metaverse over time. Mohan assumed the role after former CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that she would be stepping down after serving as the head of the company for nine years. In addition to being the CEO, she has occupied different offices and participated in developing the Google-owned global online video-sharing and social media platform.

Exiting YouTube CEO Commends Incoming Head

Wojcicki introduced Mohan as the new CEO while announcing her exit from YouTube to start a new chapter, including “personal projects”. She added that the newly-appointed CEO has contributed to the growth of YouTube over the years. According to the blog post, Mohan started with the DoubleClick acquisition at Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) before becoming YouTube’s Chief Product Officer in 2015. Additionally, the incumbent head created a team to work on UX and was significantly involved in the launch of some of the company’s top products. Mohan played a part in the rollout of YouTube TV, Music, Premium, and Shorts. Wokcicki referred to the new YouTube CEO as “a terrific leader” who has supported the company for years.

The new CEO revealed last year that YouTube was exploring possible ways to integrate the burgeoning Web3 technology. In the February 2022 blog post, the chief product officer then wrote that the company could leverage the metaverse or other technologies like unique digital tokens or NFTs. The newly-announced YouTube CEO mentioned that viewing could be more immersive. This could start by infusing the metaverse into gaming, bringing “more interactions to games and making them feel more alive”.

Noting that web3 creates more opportunities for creators, he wrote:

“We believe new technologies like blockchain and NFTs can allow creators to build deeper relationships with their fans. Together, they’ll be able to collaborate on new projects and make money in ways not previously possible. For example, giving a verifiable way for fans to own unique videos, photos, art, and even experiences from their favorite creators could be a compelling prospect for creators and their audiences.”

Google’s Web3 Technology Integration

While the new YouTube head said last year that the metaverse was still in its infancy, the company’s parent company has been consistently integrating the Web3 services. The tech giant announced a cloud-based node engine service in October 2022. The company added that the new Blockchain node engine is for Ethereum developers and projects. Shortly after the launch, Google said it was expanding its Blockchain Node Engine to the Solana Blockchain.

In other news, YouTube recently unveiled its Creator Muskc Platform, which allows creators to monetize their content. The new feature will first be available in the US for only the YouTube Partner Program participants (YPP) participants.


YouTube Announces Chief Product Officer and Web3 Tech Bull as New CEO