BitSport, a Blockchain-based Play and Earn competitive eSport/gaming platform that rewards you for playing your favorite games is taking the gaming industry to the next level with the rollout of the first-ever AI-powered blockchain/web-3 based 8 ball pool game (BitPool), making it one of the most innovative gaming platforms available in the ecosystem.

BitSport is excited to announce the launch of the Platform’s first-ever game roll-out according to its roadmap; an AI-powered web-3 based 8 ball pool game (BitPool) — “Rack ’em up and sink the 8 ball in one of the world’s favorite mobile games! With over a Billion downloads record broken 2 years ago, 8 Ball Pool has become a cultural phenomenon, enjoyed by casual players and pro gamers alike. Since its launch, this extremely fun game has set the standard for mobile billiards, with realistic physics, fun challenges, and thrilling tournaments.

In BitPool, players can enjoy the same gameplay mechanics as in traditional 8-ball pool games, such as aiming, shooting, and potting the balls, but with additional features that are made possible by the latest technologies.

BitPool being an HTML5-based game gives it the market penetration factor as a game to be played on any device with a modern web browser, regardless of the operating system or hardware. This means that players can enjoy the game on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones without having to download any additional software or applications.

No entry barrier to web-3 gaming experience — BitPool”

Gamers should also expect to meet the “BitPool AI (BAI)”, which would provide a challenging opponent for players. BAI is programmed to analyze players’ moves and respond with its own encoded strategies, making the game more interesting and unpredictable. The AI would also have different levels of difficulties, so players can gradually increase the challenge as they improve their skills and earn various crypto — $BITP, $USDT, $BUSD, $ADA, etc. The BitPool F2E (free-to-earn) Model leverages BAI to create admin-based challenges/ Quests which will have set difficulties, streaks, and incentives (NFT Assets / Crypto).

Some other Key Features of BitPool :

  • BitPool NFT MarketPlace: BitPool is Web3 powered and uses supercharged NFT In-game items. Each item is unique and has a value based on its rarity, making them collectible. The NFT items acquired in the game can be sold or traded with other players, providing them with a new way to monetize their gaming skills. Web 3 technology paved the way for decentralized ownership which enables players to own In-game assets as NFTs, such as POOL CUESAVATAR STICKSRARE BALLS, etc. These assets are stored securely on the blockchain, and players have full control over their digital property, without relying on a central authority.

  • Challenge Mode: This feature is similar to the BitSport “challenge mode” on its existing DApp for traditional games. This mode allows players to compete with each other from around the world and win rewards by demonstrating their skills in the game. The Multiplayer enabled mode allows BitPool players to stake against each other & earn $BITP inside the game in a decentralized fashion making it even virtually impossible for malicious actors to manipulate the game or cheat.

“With BitPool AI (BAI); finally there’s no need for disputes in challenge mode”

“ Mobile 8-Ball Pool Players globally can now start earning real money with BitPool Challenge Mode”

  • 8-Ball Pool Tournaments: Leveraging on Web 3 technology, BitPool will enable players to connect and interact with a global community of players, allowing them to join our exciting prize pool regional tournaments, leagues, and leaderboard challenges across all regions globally.

  • BitPool DAO: A transparent and decentralized game development governance system, where all game development decisions and updates can be proposed, voted on, and implemented using a community-based consensus mechanism. This creates a fair and democratic system that ensures the game remains engaging and fun for everyone.

BitPool DAO is exclusive to $BITP holders only”

The flagship token of the platform $BITP will power most of the BitPool ecosystem features aforementioned above including:

  • Exclusive access to In-game NFT Pool CuesAvatar SticksRare Balls, and other items sales in the game NFT marketplace

  • Serves as the primary reward token integrated in the SDK module for game developers rolling out early Q2, 2023.

  • The Only token to be used for staking on 8-ball Players live on BitSport Live events.

BitPool’s combination of HTML5, AI, and web-3 offers a unique and more exciting gaming experience compared to any existing traditional 8-ball pool game in the market at the moment with its secured, decentralized, rewarding, and community-driven core features. Players can enjoy the game on any device, while also being part of a global community empowered by Web-3 gaming.

Finally, a web-3 based 8 ball pool DApp that provides a decentralized community for players to interact and compete with each other. Players can join tournaments, and leagues, and earn rewards in crypto for their achievements, all while interacting with a global community of players. This community is powered by blockchain technology, which enables players to connect and transact without relying on a central authority, making the game more secure and trustworthy.

The game can be played on any browser and device type, providing a seamless gaming experience for players everywhere. BitPool beta is set to be released on the 1st of March 2023 with a community-driven game beta test F2E Model plus $BITP Airdrop in collaboration with Lbank.