According to CryptoPotato, Ripple has secured significant collaborations this year, including deals with Swiss-based crypto custody provider Metaco and digital currency-focused financial institution Fortress Trust. Some experts believe these efforts could benefit the blockchain enterprise by allowing it to provide various services and opportunities to users.

A Ripple enthusiast known as 'WrathofKahneman' on Twitter argued that due to these partnerships, the crypto firm now has properties that could build the infrastructure for exchanges, companies, wallets, and apps to connect with banks and other financial institutions. Additionally, they claimed that Ripple is now able to tokenize real-world assets and hold them in safe, compliant ways.

Several Twitter users agreed with the statement, with one suggesting that Metaco and Fortress Trust might eventually be integrated by Ripple. 'WrathofKahneman' described this as an interesting thesis, noting that it will be curious to see how integrated the acquired companies will become. Both companies have claimed they will remain independent, likely to reassure current customers.