• El Salvador teaches students about Bitcoin as a part of their curriculum.

  • The country plans to replicate the model across the world.

  • El Salvador’s BTC portfolio is down by 61%.

Despite El Salvador’s portfolio being down to 60%, the country is pushing its youth toward cryptocurrency adoption. In a recent video, it can be seen that students in an El Salvadoran classroom are being educated about Bitcoin.

El Salvador’s efforts to normalize crypto among growing young adults can push mass adoption when the students turn into tax-paying citizens of the country.

In the video, an El Salvadoran teacher was educating their students on how to access the leading crypto as a part of the school’s ten-week curriculum. They hold her phone up to demonstrate practically how to receive BTC through the decentralized network, Lightning Network.

Additionally, El Salvador plans to replicate the Bitcoin curriculum in other schools across the globe. The teacher emphasizes that before transactions take place, they educate their classroom about the basic concepts to avoid any mishaps.

The students are also received classes on various crypto-related topics including nodes, double-spending, and Bitcoin halvings.

An El Salvador-based education project, My First Bitcoin, claimed that they have educated over 10,000 students about crypto in 2022. Moreover, it anticipates educating another 250,000 students in 2023 and improving its reach by 25 times.

In 2021, Bitcoin was accepted as a legal tender in El Salvador under President Nayib Bukele’s regime. Since then, the country has undertaken several measures to promote BTC adoption amongst its masses, including announcements to build an income and property-tax-free Bitcoin city in November.

In November, President Bukele launched a special Bitcoin office to take care of all the crypto-focused projects and enable meetings between the President and individuals regarding Bitcoin and blockchain integration in the nations.

However, it has been reported that while the country holds 2,458 Bitcoin tokens currently, El Salvador’s portfolio is down by 61.82% in Bitcoin holdings alongside a loss of $67 million.