The volume increased by 156% to $95 million as meme coin speculators suddenly returned to the token, which had been suffering losses for weeks since insider wallets were found selling tokens.

While Pepe is pumping right now, it looks like two more meme coins will hit the market in the coming days: Wall Street Memes 1 after raising $25 million in pre-sale. while the tier is about to be launched on CEX, the new staking plus gaming token Meme has also launched the Kombat ICO.

Why is Pepe getting pumped up?

Pepe suddenly saw a dramatic increase in price and volume on Friday, and the token shot to the top of the trend charts, becoming one of the biggest winners in the entire crypto space.

However, the logic behind Pepe's sudden move is definitely less clear; crypto analysts and speculators are divided on whether the price move is a short-term squeeze, a dead cat bounce, or something more positive.

Pepe endured weeks of bearish action following the sale of 16 trillion tokens (worth about $15 million) from the project's multi-signature CEX wallet.

The number of signatories also fell from eight to two, and while the project claims that the remaining supply is now in 'safe hands', investors withdrew from the project; more than $ 250 million was withdrawn, and prices fell by more than 35% in a few days. since.

This was clearly written before pumping, but it is not yet known whether this is just a dead jump or a break to old levels. #crypto2023 #Binance #ETH