According to reports, after the Hong Kong police arrested 11 JPEX personnel, Cheung Chi-lam went to the Hong Kong Police Headquarters to assist in the investigation this morning and left in the afternoon. JPEX had invited artists or internet celebrities such as Cheung Chi-lam, Lin Zuo, and Zhuang Simin to promote it vigorously. JPEX described Cheung Chi-lam as the "Hong Kong District Brand Ambassador". However, Cheung Chi-lam previously stated through a public relations company that he only recently noticed that his portrait was used by JPEX. He said that he had received an invitation to shoot an advertisement, and at that time JPEX claimed to have registered overseas and provided relevant proof. Therefore, they arranged to shoot in March 2022. However, in May of the same year, they learned that JPEX had been regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission and had notified JPEX in writing that if they could not obtain a license, they could not use his portrait for promotion, so they reserve the right to pursue legal action.