Japanese-American businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki has once again shown his bullish stance on commodities like gold, silver, and the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. In a Tuesday tweet, the entrepreneur sends a message to his followers on X (formally Twitter), urging them to buy BTC, silver, and gold now before their valuation skyrockets.

“I am constantly asked “What price will gold, silver, or Bitcoin be in 2025. My reply is that is a silly question. More important question is how many gold, silver, Bitcoins do you have TODAY? Gold, silver, Bitcoin are bargains today… but not [tomorrow]. America is broke. Buy GSBC today before stocks, bond, real estate crash & people rush for GSBC,” he wrote.

Kiyosaki Maintains Bullish Stance On Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki, known for his best-selling finance book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, has a notable history with the largest cryptocurrency by trading volume.

In his latest tweet, he encouraged investors to buy the asset instead of worrying about its price in the future. He adds that traditional assets like stocks, bonds and real estate could potentially crash. In the eventuality of such an occurrence, investors will flock to assets like gold, silver, and BTC. By that time, their values may be too high for an average investor.

This is not the first time that Kiyosaki will have a say on the need to invest in Bitcoin. In June, the author and investor declared his wish for BTC to drop in value to as low as $1,100 so that he could buy more BTC and add to his portfolio. In a July tweet, he urged investors to buy gold, silver, and BTC, adding that 1 bitcoin could potentially trade for $120,000 next year.

Bitcoin Continues Below $30k Mark

The reasons for investors’ worries about Bitcoin’s value are not far-fetched. Bitcoin’s price has struggled below the $30,000 price mark for the most part of this year.

The cryptocurrency started the year with a price tag of around $16,500. With developments like Ordinal NFTs and news about applications to spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), BTC’s price rose to as high as $31,200.

Currently, BTC trades for around $27,200.

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