Jason's a YouTube creator anf active trader who does a-lot of market analysis, along with running a trading mentoring program. He's quite a personality, and one of the few crypto YouTubers I watch. His humour may not before everyone, but I think he's quite funny too!

IMHO he's not a hype merchant, he seems to have good personal values, and talks about some interesting trading strategies. One of his big messages is 'we don't know what's going to happen, so have a strategy for if this happens, then I'll do that' in either market direction. This is a great fundamental to have in mind when trading - let the price come to you, look for signals and react off those.

I'm no noob, I've been in crypto for over 6 years, and have been a pretty active trader over that time - and I've personally learned some good TA and trading practices from him.

I was really sad to see him post a video that he had $700k stollen from a hot wallet - some may instantly say this is a publicity stunt, and he's lying... I don't think so, he's quite religious; and whilst that wouldn't stop him lying - I just don't think it's his style. He believes he had his mobile device hacked, which led to his Exodus wallet getting drained of BTC and other coins.

Like him or loath him, believe him or not - let this be warning to all, not just about using hot wallets, but about security in general.

YOU are head of security of your own 'bank' - there's no protection, no refunds and no safety net if the worst happens. This is what makes crypto such a great target for criminals in many ways sadly.

You decide on the risk level - sure; whilst it's sometimes useful to have some assets in a hot wallet, if you've got more than a few hundred $, it's time to start thinking about moving it to a hardware wallet, and storing those keys very securely.

Don't be complacent - Jason admits this too, he got lax on security and blames no-one but himself. This weekend might be a great time to review your security and where your holding your crypto - I know thsts what I'm going to be doing.

*PS - I don't subscribe to his trading mentoring, am not linked to him in any way, and have never posted about him before. I'm no shill for Jason, I just feel sorry for him.

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