1. Never believe anyone's price predictions.

2. Don't "diversify" into other cryptos; none of them are actually decentralized, everything except bitcoin is a shitcoin (yes, really), and it's all gambling. The point of bitcoin is not gambling, but to end modern day slavery (fiat currency).

3. When everyone you know is talking about bitcoin, you're at the top of a bull market. You'll likely be too exuberant to realize it though. It will be obvious in hindsight.

4. Don't "trade some altcoins on the side to get more bitcoin". You are not that smart, and the overwhelming probability is that you will get wrecked.

5. DCA into bitcoin. Ignore your emotions. Don't try to time the market. Just stack what you can every paycheck.

6. Don't be too excited about bitcoin; people will feel like you're scamming them even though you're just trying help.

7. Go to meetups & conferences. Don't be isolated. Bitcoiners are generally very awesome people.

8. When people ask you about how to buy bitcoin, send them to a BITCOIN-ONLY company. Example for why: My cousin bought bitcoin (on Coinbase) during the bull market, then sold it for shiba on the same platform and now she pretty much lost everything. Bitcoin-only companies are the safest option to keep newbies from doing newbie things.

9. Be on #bitcoin    twitter and nostr. Obviously if you're reading this, you're already here...but I didn't get on twitter until 2020 and can tell you that it's a lot less lonely hodling bitcoin when you see a bunch of other people on this platform experiencing the same things you are.

10. Be skeptical of influencers. Even me (I'm not a huge account, but still). Some are good, some are bad. Even if they have good intentions, their judgement can be clouded by bad incentives.

11. Stop trying to convince everyone you know that bitcoin will make everything better (even though it will). Instead, be a good resource for the people who eventually reach out to you about it. Be known as "the bitcoin guy" and let people come to you when they're ready. Have good content prepared for them to read/watch when they do.

That is all. It's been a great ride so far and I'm happy to know you guys.

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