Shido is the most popular Decentralized PoS #Blockchain featuring the fastest speed and the highest capacity. Shido can seamlessly integrate with Cosmos and Ethereum Virtual Machine, allowing users to select the appropriate environment.

Shido's design guarantees unending scalability and zero-cost value-sharing between Shido and the top Ecosystems that exist. The entire system is driven by the lightning-fast Tender mint Consensus Engine and Ethereum Virtual Machine, allowing users to select the appropriate.

A Growing Ecosystem dApps on Shido:

1.      Interoperable:

Shido is a layer 1 decentralized blockchain within the Cosmos Network. It is compatible with the IBC Protocol and connects Shido with more than 30 blockchains, and more than $60 billion in assets to share value and shared liquidity, which is linked through the protocol.

2.      EVM Compatible

Shido Blockchain is EVM-compatible. Shido Blockchain is fully compatible with all EVM environments including Ethereum Mainnet. Shido is additionally compatible with every EVM-related tool like Remix or MetaMask. Developers and dApps of Solidity can deploy easily Shido. Shido.

3.      Infinitely Scalable

Shido Blockchain is modular and flexible in the nature of it. It can be scaled horizontally as well as vertically. Shido Sharing Solution allows to breaking up of the blockchain into distinct zones. Shido can be scaled up and accelerate its speed in a proportional manner to the current time.

4.      Carbon Neutral

Shido is a carbon-neutral blockchain. The Validator Nodes are running alongside our Carbon Neutral Program that ensures Shido is not a threat to the natural environment. We have a Zero Carbon Footprint program that collects the rewards for the Green Fund to cut the carbon footprint to a minimum.

SHIDO Card and Bank:

Shido MasterCard & Bank is a Crypto Debit Card and Banking Service that is available through as well as in Shido Wallet. Shido MasterCard is the most widely used coverage of all Crypto Cards, and it is accessible in 167 countries across the globe. This is a brand new product launched by the DeFi Project and it's truly moving crypto one step closer to widespread acceptance.

Shido Card:

Shido Card is a #crypto MasterCard that lets you use and pay for your cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes, without any pre-conversion required across the globe. Shido Card is available to utilize in more than 45 million ATMs, and stores as well as E-commerce in more than 167 countries around the world, which includes the US. It's the best Crypto Debit Card for holders as well as traders of crypto assets that comes with unique features you've never before seen.

Shido Banking Solution:

It is time to get your own account with a bank where you can conduct IBAN and SWIFT bank transfers, make credit with no interest using crypto as collateral, and also trade in Fiat currencies. You are able to transfer remove-ramp Crypto and convert it to Fiat simply with just one link to your account at the bank. Additionally, you can utilize your bank account as the source of spending for Shido Card or buy crypto assets straight. We provide a #cryptocurrency secure banking service.

SHIDO Investors & Adoption:

Shido is gearing up for next Bull cycle, and getting a lot of Influencers attention… Since the beginning I have seen MANDO CT | XMaximist Supporting Shido and having a big bag of SHIDO and gradually increasing it.

Shido Wallet v3 featuring Non-KYC Shido Card:

Shido has transformed DeFi and is now enabling simple access to Liquidity. A non-KYC Shido card is scheduled to launch with Shido Wallet v3.

Simply use the money you earn from your Crypto around the world using the DeFi Wallet to fund you. Quickly connect the Shido Card to Apple and Google Pay.

Upcoming Integrations:

Shido Dex Full Integration:

We will be launching in April 2023 a complete integration of Shido Dex into Shido Wallet. Shido Dex Aggregator Cross-Chain as well as Perpetuals will become fully accessible directly within Shido Wallet.

OpenSea Full NFT Integration:

We are planning to launch an entirely capable OpenSea Integration. It will allow you to trade NFTs using OpenSea in your Shido Wallet without taking your wallet out of it.

4 New Blockchain Integrations:

In May 2023, Shido Wallet V3 will launch and be able to support seven blockchains. We're currently working to integrate Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Arbitrum.


Defi Aggregator & Cross-Chain:

Shido #DeFi Aggregator enables users the opportunity to exchange hundreds of tokens for the most competitive price in the market. Cross-Chain Swap lets you easily swap chains.

Pools, Yield Farming & Staking:

Shido's DeFi Liquidity Protocol offers Derivative Pools Yield gfarming. Yield Farming in Tokens of LP as well as Staking. Utilize your funds to earn dividends. You just need to provide liquidity for any of the Shido Dex pools.

Limit Orders & P2P in Swap:

Shido DeFi Gas Free Limit Protocol offers you the option of placing limit orders at an agreed-upon fixed price for the exchange. Set a stop loss for your purchases by setting a sale price prior to.

Decentralized Perpetual Dex:

Shido Perpetual Dex is a totally decentralized Dex that provides deep liquidity and leverages as high as 200x over well-known crypto assets such as Ethereum or BSC. It's never been simpler to make futures trades. Simply connect the wallet.

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