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OTC and Execution Solutions
Binance offers direct access to OTC liquidity and crypto execution solutions for all trading, execution and risk management needs.
Get access to instant crypto pricing, trade off cryptocurrency exchanges, and use our intelligent Algos to efficiently execute trades and avoid market impact and slippage.
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Or email us at for queries on Binance Liquidity Provision and Execution Solutions.
RFQ & Block Trading
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Binance Convert
Binance Convert offers a quick and simple way to execute your crypto trades, with zero exchange fees and slippage across various cryptocurrencies including cross pairs. Trade immediately and directly on our platform across the range of our supported sizes.
Binance Convert supports API connectivity for ease-of-use and automation to trade directly on the platform. To find out more about API support, please contact us.
Find out more about the advantages and uses of Binance Convert here.
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Block Trading
For trade sizes above USD$200k equivalent, Binance offers OTC (over-the-counter) trading services. Get a quote and execute trades directly with Binance OTC Trading via verified communication channels.
Binance OTC Trading offers deep liquidity with competitive pricing and bespoke trading solutions. Trades are done off-exchange, remain discreet and avoid slippage on the exchange.
To get started, users are first authenticated via secure communication channels. Subsequently, get in touch with the Binance OTC trading team via these channels for trade requests, trade confirmations, settlement instructions, advice or any other questions. From start to finish, trade with a peace of mind with the Binance OTC trading team.
Binance OTC
The Binance Advantage
Widest Support for Digital Assets
As the leading global crypto exchange, Binance lists one of the widest arrays of digital assets. Our RFQ & Block Trading capabilities support all crypto assets, stablecoins and fiat listed on Binance and other cross pairs that may not be listed.
Fast & Competitive Pricing
Powered by Binance’s technology, get fast responses with competitive prices for your immediate trading needs in fast markets.
Seamless Settlement
Settle your trades seamlessly with your existing Binance accounts immediately, or speak to our traders now on further support for other wallets or custody solutions.
White Glove Service and Institutional Client Expertise
Access white-glove service and best-in-class institutional client expertise from our team with experience from top global investment banks and exchanges.