Join Forever Worldwide: The Road to Saudi Arabia
Buy an NFT and Earn Utility Before Our Snapshot Deadline!
Explore Cristiano Ronaldo’s story from his Madeira roots through G.O.A.T status with a new series of NFTs. With even bigger and better utilities than ever, don’t miss your chance to add a limited-edition NFT to your collection. Congratulations also go to everyone who purchased an NFT in our primary sale! You can still purchase NFTs on the secondary market by July 15, 23:59:59 (UTC) to earn yourself utility. Are you ready to join this journey?
NFT Collection
A Forever Worldwide Journey
Seven NFTs representing Lisbon, Madeira, Madrid, Manchester, Turin, Saudi, and Portugal will be released across three drop dates. Find your favorite and join Cristiano’s journey starting at only 35 USDT ($35 USD) per Normal NFT. Stocks are limited, so don’t miss a single release.
How to Buy
Multiple Purchase Options
Register, verify, and buy! Purchase your NFT with USDT using a range of simple payment options like Binance Pay. Don’t forget to verify your account first, just like any player would go through a medical before signing onto a team!
Collect to Earn
Utility for Everyone
Owning just a single NFT will give you access to the benefits and utilities offered with the Forever Worldwide collection - but, the faster you collect them, the more rewards you’ll earn. Here’s your chance to earn vintage memorabilia, match tickets, or even meet Cristiano in person.
Your Benefits as a Collector
Access to Exclusive Content
Owning a CR7 NFT is your invite to experiences, rewards and content only available to the CR7 ForeverZone community.
The Chance to Meet Cristiano
Collect the Super Super Rare Portugal NFT and you’ll get to meet Cristiano Ronaldo in person!
A Piece of Sporting History
Your NFTs are part of Binance’s official NFT collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo.
A Secure Digital Collectible
Cryptographic technology ensures your collectible can never be copied or digitally reproduced.
Future CR7 Utility & Community Rewards
A CR7 NFT in your collection means you’ll never miss out on future opportunities.
Utility & Exclusive Rewards
With our Collect to Earn mechanism, you could get your hands on vintage merchandise, match tickets, signed art posters, and more.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I buy a Forever Worldwide NFT during the sale?
Registered, verified, and eligible Binance users can participate in the sale by browsing the available NFTs (according to their release dates) on the Binance NFT Marketplace and purchasing one with USDT.
Who can’t participate in the Forever Worldwide sale?
Due to legal and regulatory restrictions, users from Canada, Chile British Indian Oceans, Cuba, Japan, Hong Kong, Iran, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Netherlands, North Korea, St Helena & Dependencies, Singapore, Seychelles, Syria and the United States are prohibited from participating in the sale.
How much will each Forever Worldwide NFT cost?
The price of each Normal NFT is 35 USDT (35 USD). The Super Super Rare Portugal NFT, which will be distributed via an auction and quiz, has a starting bid price of 777 USDT.
Can you explain in detail the "Collect to Earn" mechanism implemented in the Forever Worldwide NFT collection?
The "Collect to Earn" mechanism was uniquely designed for the Forever Worldwide collection. By being among the first 25 to collect two distinct NFT locations or the first 30 to collect five distinct NFT locations, the more rewards you’ll get with the ‘Fastest to Collect’ perk. This mechanism encourages users to accumulate NFTs from different locations in the collection.
Depending upon the number of distinct NFT 'locations' held by a user, a specific utility rarity level is ascribed and the rewards available will increase. The utility rarity levels progress from Normal (N) to Super Super Rare (SSR), with each level offering varying benefits.
When will the utilities for the "Collect to Earn" mechanism be distributed?
The utilities for the "Collect to Earn" mechanism will be distributed after the campaign period has ended and all claim and redemption requirements have been met. Refer to our Terms & Conditions for a full breakdown of the dates:
Terms & Conditions
For more information regarding the Forever Worldwide: The Road to Saudi Arabia NFT collection, visit our dedicated Terms & Conditions page
Disclaimer: In compliance with MiCA requirements, unauthorized stablecoins are subject to certain restrictions for EEA users. Please disregard this activity if you are a user from the EEA. For more information, please click here.
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