Binance Talks: Security on Binance Live or Youtube
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Register for Binance Talks: Security on Binance Live with your Binance account. Only by watching on Binance Live can you take part in our live contests with 4000 BUSD up for grabs.
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Cold vs. Hot Wallets
Learn exactly what hot and cold wallets are, how to use them, and which one suits your security profile best.
Security and Reporting: Prevention is the Best Cure
Understand better how regulators, builders, and users around the globe work to keep the cryptocurrency community secure.
Crypto Box Giveaway
Take your chance to win exclusive Binance Talks prizes while learning about the industry’s most pressing topics.
Are Seed Phrases Here to Stay?
An interactive conversation with the Twittersphere on the relevancy and need for seed phrases.
What can I expect?
The World’s Foremost Experts
Every Binance Talks session will showcase a lineup of the world’s most prominent voices when it comes to the month’s topic of discussion.
The Industry’s Most Relevant Topics
Binance Lives is here to discuss what matters today. You’ll keep up to date with the blockchain topics that capture the current blockchain zeitgeist.
Actionable Knowledge to Take Home
With each session, you’ll learn information that will help you in your own personal crypto journey.
Rewards for Learning More
Each Binance Lives session won’t just impart knowledge. It will also reward listeners who actively participate and learn from its discussions, panels, and talks.
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