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Summer Splash

Share Rewards Worth Up to $200,000 in BUSD and Exclusive Binance Swag!
In appreciation of your continued support, Binance is launching exclusive promo summer campaign for Binance users from CEE countries (Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania).
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Campaign Details

For new users, enter the giveaway in three simple steps:

Step 1 - Sign up on Binance and Complete Account Verification (KYC).
Click [Sign up now] on the activity page to register your entry.
Step 2 - Trade at least $30 across any crypto pairs before 09/8/2022 (UTC).
Step 3 - Read educational blog about Binance and pass the quiz. 

Already signed up on Binance? Refer more friends and get more entries!

Step 1 - Trade at least $30 across any crypto pairs and click the [Sign up now] button on the activity page to register your entry.
Step 2 - Generate your unique spot referral link in the referral dashboard. Refer at least 1 friend using your referral link to sign up and complete Account Verification (KYC).
Step 3 - Read educational blog about Binance and pass the quiz.

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Rewards Structure
Rewards Structure
In total there will be 1,000 winners who will split prizes worth of $200,000 in BUSD!
Winners to be announced on 22.08.2022 on Binance YouTube channel and the rewards pool be structured in the following way:
1) 20 winners will get 20 Exclusive Summer Binance Swag and Play Station 5 (3), MacBook Air (5), Electric Scooter Ninebot (5), iPhone 13 (7) and $200 in BUSD
2) 20-100 winners will get 80 Limited edition Binance Swag and $350 in BUSD
3) 100-1000 winners will get $165 in BUSD.
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How many virtual entries can I get?

- Everyone can get 1 virtual entry for any transaction exceeding $30 you trade on any Binance Spot trading pair during the promotion period.  Please take in mind that for any trading volume larger than $30 you can get only 1 entry.
- You will get a virtual entry(ies) for verified friend(s) you successfully referred to sign up on Binance. You can invite as many friends as you want but there is a cap of 3 entries!

For example, if you refer 1-2 friend(s) you get only 1 entry. Those who refer 3 - 10 friends are eligible for 2 entries. Users who refer  more than 10 friends are lucky to get 3 entries!

Helpful guides to get you started:

How do I know how many entries did I get?

Example: You are a Binance existing user who generated  trading volume exceeding $30  from 09/6/2022 till 09/8/2022 11:59 PM (UTC) and referred 3 friends on Binance who passed KYC. In this case, you will get 3 entries in total!

Everyone who took part in this campaign will get an exclusive NFT by 16.08.2022 in your Binance NFT wallet. NFT will reflect the number of entries you got based on your activity during the promotion period. 

Terms and Conditions:

- You must register your entry by clicking the [Sign up now] button on the activity page to be qualified for the Summer Splash Campaign. By clicking the [Sign up now] button for entering the activity, you have agreed to the terms and conditions.
- To be eligible for the giveaway, you must be a verified Binance user with KYC from Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary or Romania.
- Each Eligible Entry will be designated a corresponding numbered ticket in the NFT way sent out to users by 16.08.2022. One unique user can get up to 4 entries.
- The total reward pool is worth up to $200,000 in case there are more than 60,000 users who take part. However, the total rewards pool may be $150,000 if there will be more than 40,000 participants, $100,000 if slightly more than 20,000 users take part, $50,000 prize pool if total participants count is less than 20,000 users.
-Rewards to be sent out within 30 days after campaign ends (by 22.09.2022) and winners will be announced on 22.08.2022.
- The winners will be notified by an email from Binance within seven (7) days from 22.08.2022 when winners are announced and the winners of  Play Station 5, MacBook Air, Electric Scooter Ninebot, iPhone 13 must respond and claim their prize within fourteen (14) business days following receipt of the notification email. If for any reason, the winner does not provide an address after 1 month, the prize will be classed ‘unclaimed’ and redrawn.

Winning conditions are as follows:
Binance team will choose winners based on BNB Chain hash and Binance ID similarity. For example: for block 11266021, the hash is 0xd88301010b846765746888676f312e31382e32856c696e75780000005d43d2fdd2d0105daf56968008e385eb591168891e5ec813a7849a47cd8d8016fd6a031a2c98c1cfa91ac07291919df116e15d344ffc795cfdc291c187f5e73176269a6600, and the last 8 digits are 62696600:

  • User with ID 62696600 wins in the specific category.

  • Users with the last 5 digits of User ID being 96600 will win another type of prize and so on.


  • User ID can be found in User Center and may consist from 8-11 digits but only last 8 will be considered during the process of winning winners.

  • Each eligible user can win a maximum of one reward.

  • The hash of the BNB Chain block is randomly generated by BNB, and viewable on the BNB browser.

  • Users with 4 and 3 winning tickets based on the number of performed tasks in the campaign will always have a chance earlier than users with 2 or 1 lottery ticket. For example: in order to choose winners in each of the rewards pools Binance will at first verify UIDs from the list of users with 4 and 3 tickets. And later on, once there are similarities we will proceed to analyze UIDs from the list of users with 2 and 1 tickets.  

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to significant market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses. Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

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