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RUNE in a Million Campaign - $1,000,000 in RUNE tokens to be shared!

To celebrate the launch of the native RUNE mainnet, THORchain has committed a total of $1 million in RUNE to all Binance users through a 14-days campaign from June 23rd to July 7th, 2022. During the promotion period, we will share a word-of-the-day around 2:00 UTC every Monday to Friday, aiming to provide education about the project and opportunities for traders to practice their skills. Stay tuned for a chance to win valuable rewards!
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Thanks for Joining the RUNE in a Million Campaign!
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Common FAQs
How do I redeem token voucher rewards?
To redeem your token voucher rewards, log in to your Binance account and go to Account - Reward Center. The vouchers are valid for 14 days from the day of distribution. Learn How to Redeem a Voucher.
When will the rewards be distributed?
Rewards are typically distributed within 2-4 weeks after the activity ends. You can check the activity announcement every Friday for the latest updates.
Can I use multiple sub-accounts to participate and get rewards?
Users can use sub-accounts to participate, but because we calculate each account’s trading volume under the master account’s total trading volume. Sub-accounts are not viewed as independent accounts when participating in activities.
What is the Binance Award Selection Rule?