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For Binancians, By Binancians
Learn from other Binancians how they use Binance Futures features and functions to gain an edge in the market! Check out the tutorial and educational videos created by our fellow Binancians.
Step-by-Step Guide To Futures Trading on Binance
English Tutorial
Russian Tutorial
Portugese Tutorial
Vietnamese Tutorial
Arabic Tutorial
English Tutorial
New to Binance Futures? Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the Binance Futures trading interface.
Original Video
Order Types Guide
Cantonese Tutorial (All Order Types)
English Tutorial (Stop Loss Order)
Portuguese Tutorial (Stop Loss Order)
English Tutorial (Trailing Stop Order)
Cantonese Tutorial (All Order Types)
Watch this video to learn more about what futures contracts are and learn more about the various order types available on Binance Futures.
Original Video
Hedge Mode Tutorials
Hedge Mode Overview (English)
Hedge Modes Tutorial (English)
Hedge Mode Overview (English)
This video introduces Hedge Mode, including how to enable & use Hedge Mode on Binance Futures Mobile & Desktop.
Original Video
Margin Mode Explainers and Tutorials
Margin Modes (English)
Margin Modes (Portuguese)
Margin Modes (English)
This video explains the differences between Cross Margin and Isolated Margin, and how Isolated Margin could help you with managing liquidation risk.
Original Video
Complete Guide to Grid Trading
Overview of Grid Trading (English)
Guide to Grid Trading (English)
Grid Trading (Chinese)
Overview of Grid Trading (English)
This video shows you how to get started with Grid Trading and highlights the advantages of the feature.
Original Video
Futures Calculator Tutorials
Futures Calculator (English)
Futures Calculator (Chinese)
Futures Calculator (English)
Want to calculate PNL or Liquidation Price? Watch this video to learn how Binance Futures Calculator can help you trade smarter.
Original Video
How to get started with Leaderboard
Leaderboard (English)
Leaderboard (Russian)
Leaderboard (Vietnamese)
Beginner’s guide to Leaderboard (English)
Want to follow the best traders on Binance Futures? Get started by watching this video for an overview of Binance Futures Leaderboard.
Original Video
Other Features/Functions on Binance Futures
Cooling-off Period Function
Price Protection
Referral Program
Cooling-off Period Function (English)
Want to take a break from trading? This video shows how to enable the Cooling-off Period function on Binance Futures.
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