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Make Audit Season a Breeze With Binance’s Report Center


Main Takeaways

  • For institutional investors, tax and audit reporting is a crucial but time-consuming task at year’s end.

  • Binance’s Report Center takes the pain out of tax and audit filing through automation and encrypted data sharing.

If you are struggling each time tax and audit season rolls around, this is a great opportunity to leverage the account analytics capabilities of Binance’s Report Center.

The tax and audit period is often a dreaded time for investors. On top of the manual reporting work involved, it usually ends up being a time sink that pulls you away from the actual work of looking for market opportunities.

This is why Binance created the Report Center, a one-stop analytics solution that allows VIP users to download and share their trading and account activities via an automated self-serve system. The Report Center is designed to take on all the compliance reporting work a VIP user would otherwise have to do manually, including querying data from across specific historical periods. These reports can also be shared with third parties, such as auditors.

Four Reasons to Use Binance’s Report Center

1. You can download multiple report types in minutes

The Report Center puts the most important information at your fingertips. Essential audit data that could have taken days to compile can now be downloaded within minutes for VIP and whitelisted users. From trading histories to account statements, to account ownership and more, they’re all available on demand through the Report Center.

2. Your account information is summarized in one place

Don’t need to waste time combing through data from across different accounts. With just one click, you can get a holistic view of all of your crypto transactions in the Report Center. Meanwhile, master accounts can view account statement balances across Spot, Margin, Futures, Funding, and Earn wallets and sub-accounts, and users can download all their token positions in PDF or CSV format.

3. You can share sensitive data without worry

Sharing important documents with third parties is a common requirement in tax and audit filing. The Report Center gives you the ability to do this securely and safely through encrypted email functionality that sends your private information directly to the intended recipients. The email will also be sent from a Binance address for the benefit of external audits, and all emailed documents are password-protected.  

4. It’s built around your needs

Our users’ needs are constantly changing at the speed of crypto. This is why we work closely with clients to understand their reporting requirements and pain points, so we can build them into future product releases. If you have any suggestions on improving your Report Center experience, please submit them through this form

Leverage the Report Center Today

With the new year started, the Report Center is here to help Binance VIP users save time and money on the critical but laborious work of tax filing and audit reporting. Binance VIP clients can access the Report Center directly from the VIP Portal, while non-VIP users can request access for a limited time.  

To learn more about the Binance VIP Program and our exclusive VIP privileges, please refer to the following pages: