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Binance Pay Is Even More Versatile, Thanks to Our CoinGate Partnership


Main Takeaways

  • Binance Pay users can now make crypto payments with most CoinGate-powered merchants.

  • CoinGate merchants can allow for Binance Pay payments at checkout and will have the feature enabled by default.

Experience the power of Binance Pay with a whole new batch of Pay-enabled merchants.

Payments are one of crypto’s biggest and earliest use cases, and our new partnership with CoinGate is helping to achieve this long-standing goal. While many use crypto as an investment, it’s also a great way to transfer value globally with minimal fees and short transaction times. Now, anyone with a Binance account will have access to an even wider range of crypto payment options with CoinGate merchants around the globe.

What Is CoinGate?

CoinGate is a fintech company founded in 2014 in Lithuania. The company offers cryptocurrency payment processing services for merchants and businesses, both large and small. CoinGate is helping to increase the mass adoption of crypto by offering a variety of crypto payment options for both physical and web stores.

What Does the New Partnership Mean?

Binance Pay users will be able to use the service with CoinGate-enabled merchants who opt into the system. For now, these payments are free of charge, and eligible merchants will be automatically enabled to accept Binance Payments. They can, however, switch the service on and off.

How Do I Use Binance Pay?

Using Binance Pay is simple with the Binance app, and there are four ways to access the service.

  1. Tap on the QR code scanner on the Binance app homepage and scan your recipient's Binance Pay QR code.

  2. Long-press the Binance app icon and open the QR code scanner. Scan your recipient's Binance Pay QR code to begin making payment.

  3. Head to the Binance app [Services] page and select Binance Pay. 

  4. Go to [Wallets] - [Funding] - [Pay].

Broaden Your Crypto Payment Options

Increasing the utility of your crypto is one of the most reliable ways to help increase crypto adoption. Payments are an incredibly powerful use case and one you can likely use daily should you wish to.

By working with organizations and businesses like CoinGate, we continue to get closer to our goal of furthering the freedom of money worldwide. So why not give it a try? Binance Pay is easily accessible on your mobile device, with millions of merchants just a few taps away.

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