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Binance Marketplace: Meet Our New Dedicated Travel Section


Main Takeaways

  • Powered by Binance Pay, Binance Marketplace is a one-stop shop for all your crypto-funded purchases, from shopping for fashion brands to topping up your mobile account. 

  • The new dedicated section on Binance Marketplace makes accessing travel-related services like hotel booking and ride hailing easier than ever. 

Binance Marketplace’s newly added travel section makes planning voyages a hassle-free experience!

At Binance, we’re always looking for more ways to improve our platforms and products to best meet our users’ needs. For those who like to pay their ways with crypto while traveling, we’ve added a dedicated section to Binance Marketplace. Users can now easily locate and access all existing travel-related mini apps on Binance Marketplace with one tap. 

What’s in the Travel Section of Binance Marketplace?

With Binance Marketplace, traveling with crypto has never been more seamless. Here are some of the mini apps you can find under the travel section of the platform: 

  • Travala: booking hotels, flights, tours, and activities.

  • Splyt: hailing rides within and across national borders.

  • Flights: over 1,000 airlines and 9,000 destinations for crypto travelers to choose from.

  • Mobile E-sim: crypto top-ups to help you stay connected wherever you go.

Find our marketplace on the Binance app and start planning for your next dream vacation funded by crypto today!

What Else Can You Do on Binance Marketplace? 

Besides booking experiences, flights, hotel stays, and hailing rides with crypto, you can browse Binance Marketplace for a wide range of products, services, and brands on which you can spend your crypto. The platform is always bustling with activity, with frequent giveaways and new merchants added each month. You can also easily access other Binance services such as DeFi Wallet, NFT Marketplace, and Binance Live from the Marketplace platform. Why not head over to Binance Marketplace and enjoy some crypto-style shopping right now?

How Can You Find Binance Marketplace?

1. Log in to the Binance app. 

2. In the Pro mode, drag down on the homepage until you see the [Marketplace] button. 

3. Welcome to Binance Marketplace! You can now explore the listed merchants’ offers and purchase the things you love with crypto.

For more information on Binance Marketplace, refer to our detailed guide on What Is Binance Marketplace and How to Access It.

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