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Binance P2P by the Numbers: Facts, Figures and Statistics Revealed!


Main Takeaways

  • Binance P2P has grown to become the number one peer-to-peer crypto platform worldwide after launching in 2019. 

  • Today, Binance P2P offers support for 10 cryptocurrencies, 70+ local currencies, 300+ payment methods and more. 

  • The crypto platform hosts more than 7,500,000 transactions per year, making it easy for crypto buyers and sellers to connect in a cheap, fast and secure way. 

Binance P2P has quickly grown to become the peer-to-peer crypto platform of choice for users from all over the world. Since the platform launched in 2019, Binance P2P has expanded globally, growing ten-fold compared to other platforms. 

Users mainly choose Binance P2P for its secure and easy to use platform, which features some of the lowest transaction fees on the market, along with support for 10 of the world’s popular cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to BNB, in addition to stablecoins like USDT and BUSD. 

5 Reasons Why Users Choose Binance P2P: The World’s #1 Peer to Peer Crypto Platform 

Today, the Binance P2P platform features more than 1.5M weekly active users, who collectively make more than 7.5M transactions per year. Here’s a look at the platform by the numbers: 

  • 10 Supported Cryptocurrencies. Binance P2P supports popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT, BUSD, DOGE, DAI, ADA and more, with availability that differs depending on regional availability. 

  • 70+ Supported Local Currencies. With support for the world’s most frequently used local currencies, from USD and EUR to NGN, VND, AUD, ZAR and more, you can easily convert your crypto to cash and vice versa. 

  • 300+ Payment Methods. From linking a bank account and international wire options to PayPal and Western Union, you can find a payment method that works for you. Users can even choose to settle transactions using in-person cash payments, for even more flexibility and convenience. 

  • 15,000+ Verified Merchants. Binance P2P features industry leading liquidity for many crypto to fiat–or local currency–pairs. Users can choose from thousands of reliable and trustworthy Verified Merchants, who have been manually reviewed and approved by Binance. 

  • 7.5M Transactions Annually. The platform connects more buyers and sellers than any other, enabling safe and secure transactions at unprecedented volumes. 

No other platform features Binance P2P’s combination of deep liquidity, local currency support and convenience when it comes to the hundreds of available payment options. Add the platform’s large roster of trusted Verified Merchants, and it’s obvious why more users choose Binance P2P. 

Binance P2P: A Fast, Cheap and Secure Platform 

When it comes to the most important features of a peer to peer crypto platform, users cite speed, cost and security as major factors when choosing the right platform for them. As a result, Binance P2P aims to offer a standout experience in all three categories. 

1. Fast Transactions

Binance P2P was designed to enable buyers and sellers to quickly complete successful and secure transactions, without unnecessary wait times. With an industry-leading order matching engine and pro tools that let you find the crypto ads and listings you’re looking for, plus the ability to settle disputed transactions quickly and decisively with a fair appeals process, Binance P2P allows users to conduct one successful transaction after another. 

Visit our P2P FAQ Center to learn how to easily post ads to buy and sell crypto, select a preferred payment method, deposit and withdraw funds and more. 

2. Cheap Transactions

Binance P2P allows users to trade Bitcoin and other crypto person-to-person, directly with zero fees in most cases. By connecting buyers and sellers directly, the platform reduces the need for a middleman, ensuring users get maximum value for their money. 

Our platform not only offers the lowest available trading fees available on any major peer-to-peer crypto platform, but it also charges users zero taker fees, meaning users can browse and complete crypto ads and listings without paying any fees at all. 

The aforementioned availability of listings and deep liquidity allows users to find cheaper ads and listings compared to what’s available on other P2P crypto platforms. 

3. Secure Transactions 

To protect users, the platform features comprehensive security measures to enable safe and secure transactions. From risk management algorithms that automatically detect suspicious activity to strictly enforced quality standards for buy and sell ads and listings, Binance P2P allows users from all backgrounds to buy, sell and trade crypto. 

In addition, the Binance P2P team invests heavily in creating free to use FAQs and tutorials, as well as user education initiatives to help users proactively secure their funds. Check out the platform’s expanded risk management roadmap here. For more information, learn how Binance P2P creates a safe trading environment with everyday low fees. 

The Secret to Binance P2P’s Success

No peer to peer platform would be complete without its most important resource: a strong roster of merchants that users can trust to deliver one fast and secure transaction after another. 

No peer to peer platform offers Binance P2P’s selection of verified local merchants, who provide liquidity and outstanding trading services for our users. We’ve onboarded more than 15,000 merchants to our Verified Merchants platform. These merchants feature a “verified” checkmark next to their name, for easy identification. 

Binance P2P features verified merchants from all over the world, oftentimes connecting enterprising crypto users to global markets full of financial opportunity. Wick, a merchant in Pakistan, explains that “Binance P2P is the best and safest platform for merchants. It's helping my journey to become financially independent.” 

Midou, a trader and P2P merchant in Tunisia, claims, “Binance P2P is one of the safest p2p platforms in the crypto sphere, providing a secure trading experience for buyers and sellers.” Watch our 2nd Anniversary video to see more heartfelt and inspiring messages from our verified merchants. 


Two years in, and it’s clear that Binance P2P has become the peer to peer crypto platform of choice for tens of millions of users. With its unmatched liquidity, local currency selection and support for the most convenient and flexible payment methods, Binance P2P connects more people to crypto markets than any other peer to peer platform in the industry. 

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