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Binance Portal Link: Get Paid to Share Ads on Your Website


Key Takeaways

  • Binance Portal Link is the newest addition to our Open Platform initiative, which supports business-building using Binance technology and offers unique features to increase crypto accessibility.

  • Register for Binance Portal Link, integrate a plug-and-play display function on your website, and maximize your click-throughs without lifting a finger.

  • Share dynamic Binance banners on your website or mobile app. We make the ads, you reap the rewards.  

Today, we launch our latest open-platform feature called Binance Portal Link, a new ad-sharing and content management platform that opens another collaboration opportunity between Binance and platform owners. Binance Portal Link is the latest addition to our Open Platform initiative, which offers a series of services that empower entrepreneurs, companies, and communities with tools and services from Binance that help to boost crypto adoption worldwide.

Binance Portal Link is a revolutionary dynamic banner ad feature designed for fuss-free content management. Leverage your large audience, display Binance ads with easy integration, and maximize click-throughs from your site to ours.

Among the many initiatives included in Open Platform, Binance Portal Link is most similar to Binance Widget, a website plugin that allows users to seamlessly buy, sell, deposit, and trade crypto assets through Binance. Website owners who host Binance Widget can get up to 50% of the transaction fees generated from the widget permanently. 

With Binance Portal Link, website and platform owners now have even more options to grow alongside Binance and earn more in return.

How can I Join Binance Portal Link?

Since Binance Portal Link is a promising revenue opportunity for websites, apps, or platform owners who can leverage this service, we do have a few things that we look for. 

You should have the following:

  • Websites or apps that are compatible with the Binance Portal Link product.

  • More than 10,000 users (for APP) or 10,000 monthly unique visitors (for website).

  • Platforms that deal with news media, market data, trading, or institutions with an interest in crypto.

  • A technology team or individual capable of integrating the Binance Portal Link SDK.

If you fulfill all the above criteria, you’ll need to complete the following onboarding process:

Step 1: Fill in the application form. The Link team will review applications and reach out via Binance Email ( to help you with the onboarding.

Step 2: Integrate the Binance Portal Link SDK and set up your unique referral link. 

Step 3: Fill in an onboarding form. Commissions will be set up within 48 hours of completing this step.

Binance Portal Link Benefits

Binance Portal Link takes your website to a new level, helping you deliver fresh and relevant content to your audience. We make the ads, you reap the rewards.  

By integrating the Portal Banner, you’ll never need to manually change a banner on your website again. Let us update your content and you will automatically advertise the latest Binance campaigns, promotions, and news to keep your clients excited.

Easy to use: Portal only requires a few lines of code to copy and paste into your site. From then on,  it just takes 10 minutes to integrate and run! 

Designed for mobile: Our ad banners are fully optimized for mobile apps and websites, with a 16:9 banner ratio display.

International reach: Diversify your audience and target different markets around the world. We supply banners in English, Chinese, and any other language you request.  

Get started for free: Start using Portal for free, with no strings attached. 

Maximize your earnings:* The moment you integrate Portal onto your website or app, you automatically become a member of the Binance affiliate program! Refer and earn up to 50% commission on trading fees. You can learn more about the Binance affiliate program here.

*Please note: Pre-existing Binance affiliates who are keen to use Portal will still be able to earn commission and refer new users through Portal. Referral links and codes will remain unaffected as integrating Portal will not impact any pre-existing commission structures in any way. There are no additional payouts or monetary incentives for the usage of Portal for pre-existing affiliates. If you are a current affiliate and you have further questions, you may contact your direct account manager for more details.   

Start Using Binance Portal Link in Three Steps

Binance Portal Link has a simple SDK-based integration involving just three easy steps.

Step 1: Apply for Binance Portal Link and integrate it onto your website.

Once you sign up for Binance Portal Link and pass the screening process, you will be able to easily integrate our plug-and-play solution onto your platform. 

Step 2: Share ads via the Binance Portal Link.

We do all the work while you sit back and relax. After integration, your website will automatically share dynamic Binance content optimized to generate clicks and referrals. 

Step 3: Enjoy.

That’s it — you’re all set! Sit back and enjoy automatic ad updates. 

If you have further questions about Binance Portal Link, you can reach out to us at

Apply for Binance Portal Link Today!

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