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Binance Link Spotlight, Part 2: Entrepreneurship Growth, Powered by Binance


Last week, we shared stories of companies that have benefited the Binance Link Program. We have since heard from more of our partners about how the program has helped them reach their goals for their respective platforms. Read these testimonials from three of our 920 partners across more than 40 countries.

CoinCodex, widget link partner: “The widget is our most stable income source.”

Launched in 2017, cryptocurrency market aggregator CoinCodex provides information on 8,500 cryptocurrencies trading on more than 330 exchanges. CoinCodex displays live prices, customizable portfolios, price alerts, and more. One notable feature of its website is the Binance Widget. 

CoinCodex chose Binance after considering affiliate programs from multiple exchanges, taking into account factors such as the number of listed coins / markets, and the presence of futures markets. “Binance offers one of the best affiliate programs out there, so our decision to integrate it was pretty straightforward,” said CoinCodex.

This decision has provided CoinCodex with a steady source of funds, regardless of the state of the overall crypto market. “It’s one of the revenue streams we use to fund our development. It was actually one of our most stable sources of income when the cryptocurrency market was bearish and other revenue streams like paid ads performed worse than usual,” CoinCodex said about the Binance Widget.

Bitsgap, link and trade partner: “Binance motivates us to build better trading tools.”

Bitsgap is an online platform that provides trading robots and comprehensive risk management tools to automate trading on more than 25 popular cryptocurrency exchanges. For its API needs, the platform chose Binance Link, saying Binance was its number one choice and citing the exchange’s spot and futures markets, Visa cards, and onboarding via Binance Academy.

“Our cooperation with Binance has allowed us to expand the team and provide our services to a bigger number of users. It's important to add that even this interview motivates the Bitsgap team to move forward and create better trading tools,” Bitsgap said about its one-year working relationship with Binance Link.

Bitsgap also has positive opinions of the Binance team members with whom they work. “Binance’s system is working very well, as many user management processes are already automated and well documented, and personal managers are able to quickly solve any problems. Their team always show themselves as true professionals.”

RF, exchange link partner: “Binance helps us increase profits and reduce costs.”

RF was established by several traders to create a convenient tool for focused trading on cryptocurrency futures markets. With its focus on UI/UX and its use of APIs through the Binance Link Program, this tool allows users to trade as if they’re transacting directly on an exchange. 

After joining the Binance Link Partner program, RF was able to provide automatic quotes on its trading tool while charging minimal fees. It also cited the stability of Binance's internal account and wallets as a factor in choosing Binance. As a result, RF is expecting a significant increase in its profits this year.

“Through Binance Link, we were able to reduce the cost and time required to develop futures trading programs, and invest more funds and time in brokerage platform development (UI/UX) and marketing,” RF noted.

RF also appreciates Binance’s initiative to collect information on its link partners’ opinions and needs, so it can meet those requirements accordingly. “RF wanted to be able to provide a lot of benefits to users, along with convenient and stable service, and Binance was able to fully accept this and provide commission compensation benefits to users as well.”


These recent stories from three of our 570 link partners offer a glimpse of the advantages you will enjoy if you join the Binance Link Program. Three characteristics of Binance Link emerge frequently in these stories:

Diversity: We work with a diverse line-up of clients, like exchanges, trading bots, aggregators, digital wallets, software solutions, websites, and other entities.

Flexibility:. We offer a flexible range of crypto trading and financial services, all of which can be customized for each client. These include spot, margin, and derivatives trading, as well as crypto savings offerings, liquid swap platforms, referral programs, and Binance Widget.

Sophistication: We support our clients’ more advanced needs, no matter how specialized they may be, through upgraded crypto trading services, order-matching, account management, and API-powered settlement systems, among others.

Get in and start your link business now. Apply here to be a Binance Link Partner. We also have a new benefits system for link partners, especially link and trade partners.