Binance Broker Spotlight: Inside Tiger.Trade's Success Story


Main Takeaways: 

  • The Binance Broker Program helps brokers grow their platforms and enhance the quality and scope of their services. 

  • Brokers can apply to the Broker Program to connect their audience to Binance’s liquidity, trading volume, features, user base and more. 

  • Since joining the Broker Program, cryptocurrency broker Tiger.Trade saw a surge in demand for their services. 

  • Brokers and online platforms including exchanges, trading bots, trading aggregators, digital wallets, trending software solutions and financial management custodians can apply to join the Binance Broker Platform. 

Brokers are important players in the cryptocurrency industry. They serve as financial service institutions that focus on niche target audiences within the crypto market such as high-volume traders.

Some brokers focus on helping newbies jumpstart their crypto journey, while others provide in-depth trading analysis for professionals and expert traders. A few others are on the cutting edge of technology, providing 24/7 bot trading tools. We provide brokers, regardless of what niche they serve, the opportunity to enhance their services via our Binance Broker Program. 

The Binance Broker Program has helped 1077 partners across a large number of countries grow their platforms by leveraging Binance's market-leading crypto exchange. Brokers help us develop as an exchange, facilitating 10–15% of our trading volumes, while they can benefit from our top-class liquidity, trading volume, features, user base and more.

Read about the first-hand experience of one of our Binance brokers, Tiger.Trade. First launched in 2015, Tiger.Trade is a versatile and powerful trading terminal for investors and traders. Here are five things they shared with us about their experience with the Binance Broker Program:

Join the Binance Broker Program

1. Integrating Binance is a Top Priority

Tiger.Trade serves international traders and investors involved in day trading, scalping, or long-term investments. In addition to cryptocurrency, they provide other financial instruments like stocks, futures and options. The terminal supplies the crucial market data in real-time, with fully customizable tools that assist traders in making lightning-fast decisions. Tiger.Trade aims to be a “penultimate and omnipotent tool that evolves as the user gains knowledge and builds more comprehensive trading strategies.”

In order to achieve ambitious goals, Tiger.Trade believes they need to work with the best crypto institutions in the market. “Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of client base, trading volume and overall global expansion rate. Thus, integrating Binance in the Tiger.Trade terminal was among our top priorities,” said the broker.

2. Binance Broker Program is the Best Option

Before joining the Binance Broker Program, Tiger.Trade said they considered several options and potential partners. “We compared broker programs offered by leading cryptocurrency exchanges — looking at trading fees, rebate conditions, API speed and overall liquidity on the exchange,” the broker mentioned.

After much consideration and analysis, Tiger.Trade decided Binance Broker Program was the best option available. “Growing demand among our clients motivated us to look into extending our partnership with Binance and the Binance Broker Program's excellent conditions only increased our interest!” the broker said.

3. Binance Broker Brought More Users to Our Platform

Tiger.Trade cited its partnership with Binance as a major catalyst in their recent growth.  “Given the trading volume and massive clientele from around the world, partnering with Binance notably impacted our business. Reinvesting Binance Broker earnings allowed us to increase the functionality of Tiger.Trade and make the terminal free to our users, which led to growth in our client base,” said the broker. “There was such a rapid surge in customers, we even had to roll out 24/7 online support to address the flow of new orders and requests!”

4. Satisfaction and Room for Growth with Binance Broker

When asked about their satisfaction with Binance Broker, Tiger.Trade said that they’re pleased with the partnership and mentioned potential room for more growth.

To encourage brokers to maintain a high level of available features and client services, we’re offering commission rebate transfers to  brokers directly involved in the client’s interaction with Binance. 

Open communication between Binance and partner brokers such as Tiger.Trade makes it possible to deliver the best results for our customers. 

5. Tiger.Trade Aims Higher With Binance Broker

Tiger.Trade is bullish about the future of crypto, citing the numerous institutions that recently embraced crypto, including Tesla, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal and Visa. The broker plans to work further with Binance Broker to reach their goals, and improve their terminal and integrate more services such as upgraded screeners, new indicators, trading statistics, fast ping and expanded 24/7 customer support. 

“We see brokers as crucial players in the cryptocurrency industry. They facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between crypto exchanges and individual traders, as partner programs motivate brokers to supply more segmented, high-quality customers,” Tiger.Trade noted.

Join the Binance Broker Program

The Binance Broker Program offers many advantages such as : 

  1. Diversity. The Binance Broker program works with many kinds of businesses, including exchanges, trading bots, trading aggregators, digital wallets, trending software solutions, financial management custodians, payment channels and much more. For more online platforms, we’ve also started offering brokerage and advertising solutions like Binance Widget and Binance Broker Portal.

  2. Flexibility. Our broker partners gain access to a wide array of crypto trading and financial services, including spot, margin, and derivatives trading, as well as crypto savings offerings, liquid swap platforms, referral programs and more.

  3. Extensive Services. The Binance Broker program does not only offer access to Binance’s crypto products but also handles support for more advanced client needs such as upgraded crypto trading services, order matching, account management, API-powered settlement systems and more.

Start your Brokerage and become a Binance Broker Partner.  If you’re interested in learning more, you can also view our updated benefits system for brokers, specifically API brokers. 

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