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The Different Ways to Get a CR7 Mystery Box NFT


Main Takeaways

  • As part of Cristiano Ronaldo’s first ever NFT collection, there are 1.5 million CR7 Mystery Boxes, each containing one of two special Stone-colored CR7 NFTs.

  • During January 2023 there are two ways to claim one of these CR7 Mystery Boxes. 

  • The first way to do so is open to anyone who successfully completes our WODL mini-game five times between January 9 and 15.

  • The other is via Ronaldo who wanted to thank his fans by gifting them Mystery Boxes if they sign up for a Binance account between January 4 and 31 (using the code “RONALDO”).

  • Previous ways to claim a Mystery Box were via our 2022 Christmas Advent Calendar (December 18, 2022 to January 1, 2023), and the Mystery Box Giveaway (November 18 to December 19, 2022), which also used the code “RONALDO” as part of the original CR7 NFT launch.

The Cristiano Ronaldo Mystery Box supplements The CR7 NFT Collection, and is limited to 1.5 million Mystery Boxes containing special Stone-coloured Ronaldo NFTs. 

The CR7 Mystery Box was initially released in November 2022 as part of Binance’s first-ever NFT collection with football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Each CR7 Mystery Box contains one of two exclusive Stone-colored CR7 NFTs: 

  • “The First Step” (Basic) — a Stone statue of the young Ronaldo looking through the nets of a goal. There will be a maximum of 777,777 of these in existence.

  • “The Breakout” (Common) — a Stone statue of Ronaldo performing his legendary stepover, which is also limited to 777,777 NFTs.

As of January 2023, there are two ways to claim one of these special Mystery Boxes.

One is to play Binance’s WODL game between Jan 9 and 15; the other is via Ronaldo’s social media giveaway for any of his fans who sign up with Binance between Jan 4 and 31 using the code “RONALDO”.

In this article, we explain how these activities work, cover previous giveaways, and take a look at how to purchase a Mystery Box on the secondary market.

For anyone confused about the difference between the Stone NFTs and CR7’s premium-level NFTs, please review our blog explaining every Cristiano Ronaldo NFT.

Play Binance’s WODL Game for a Free CR7 Mystery Box

Activity period: 2023-01-09, 00:00 to 2023-01-15, 23:59 (UTC)

Who can claim: Binance users who get at least five correct answers while playing our WODL game during the activity period. 

Crypto WODL is a mini-game on Binance that allows users to earn rewards by guessing mystery words associated with the latest market developments. Users have six attempts to guess the hidden word. After each guess, colored tiles will show you which letters in your guess were right but in the wrong place, as well as which were in the right place.

Note that you can play up to two WODL games daily. To play your second WODL game of the day, all you need to do is click “Get A New WODL” after completing your first game, then share one of the selected articles on social media. The second WODL game will be unlocked once the selected article is successfully shared on social media and the shared link is clicked.

During the activity period (as listed above), users who get at least five correct answers will each receive a CR7 Mystery Box (while stocks last). Good luck! See terms and conditions for more.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Social Media Giveaway 

Activity period: 2023-01-04, 15:59 to 2023-01-31, 23:59 (UTC)

Who can claim: Any new user who uses the code “RONALDO” while signing up for a Binance account during the activity period (subject to availability). 

On January 4, 2023, Ronaldo announced on his social media channels that, until the end of January, he would be giving away CR7 Mystery Boxes to anyone signing up for a Binance account for the first time. 

In the words of the legend himself: “To thank all my fans for your support, I will be gifting you all a free CR7 Mystery Box on Binance! Sign up to #Binance with code RONALDO to claim yours today. Join here:”

This is a CR7-initiated giveaway that gives each of his fans a chance to receive a CR7 Mystery Box as long as they (a) are not already a Binance user, (b) create a new account with Binance, and (c) use the code “RONALDO” when doing so. 

If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for? A CR7 Mystery Box is yours! Please note, however, that the CR7 Mystery Box will not be immediately sent to your account. All eligible Binance users will receive their free Mystery Boxes by February 14, 2023.

Past CR7 Mystery Box Giveaways

Binance’s 2022 Christmas Advent Calendar 

Activity Period: 2022-12-18, 00:00 to 2023-01-01, 00:00 (UTC)

During the season of giving back in December 2022, we made 100,000 CR7 Mystery Boxes available as gifts.

All Binance users had the option of logging in to access our 2022 Christmas Advent Calendar and claiming a CR7 NFT Mystery Box on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Starting from day 18 of our Advent Calendar, users simply had to register their interest in receiving Mystery Boxes, which were later airdropped to successful users by January 7, 2023.

The CR7 NFT Collectibles for this campaign were limited to 100,000. Please note that this activity ended on January 1, 2023 and is no longer an option for people looking to claim a CR7 Mystery Box.

The CR7 NFT Collection launch (Mystery Box Giveaway)

Activity period: 2022-11-18, 09:00 to 2022-12-19, 20:00 (UTC)

The CR7 Mystery Box was originally released exclusively for new users in November 2022, as part of the launch of Ronaldo’s first-ever NFT collection on Binance.

During the activity period, Binance NFT celebrated the arrival of Ronaldo on our platform by giving away CR7 Mystery Boxes on a first-come, first-served basis to new users who signed up for a Binance account from the event page. 

Anyone who registered a new Binance account using the “RONALDO” referral code during this period also qualified for a CR7 Mystery Box. Each mystery box contained one of the two exclusive Stone-colored NFTs. Please note that this activity ended on December 19, 2022 and is no longer an option for people looking to claim a CR7 Mystery Box.

How to Buy a CR7 Mystery Box from Binance NFT

Another way you can get your hands on a CR7 Mystery Box or Stone-colored Mystery Box NFT is from resellers on Binance NFT’s secondary market. 

Secondary buyers can bid on an unopened Mystery Box or purchase someone else’s Stone NFT from the CR7 NFT marketplace.

This means anyone who doesn’t manage to get a Mystery Box via an activity or giveaway can buy a Stone NFT on the secondary market or purchase an unopened Mystery Box from another user to claim the NFT inside it. 

New to Binance? Sign Up With Referral ID “RONALDO”

Create a Binance account using the referral code “RONALDO” to qualify for a CR7 Mystery Box (available from January 4 to 31, or while stocks last).


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