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The CR7 Mystery Box NFTs


Main Takeaways

  • Binance NFT is giving away 1.5 million CR7 Mystery Boxes from November 18 to December 19 to new users who sign up for a Binance account using the code “RONALDO” or via the dedicated CR7 page.

  • The CR7 Mystery Box exists in addition to the four premium-level NFTs that make up the CR7 NFT Collection. Each CR7 Mystery Box carries one of two Stone-colored NFTs (Basic or Common rarity level).

  • CR7 Stone NFT holders will gain automatic entry into a giveaway with 2 Super Super Rare (SSR) and 20 Super Rare (SR) NFTs from The CR7 NFT Collection up for grabs on December 19. Turn your Stone NFT into a Super Super Rare with top-tier benefits!

Welcome to the Cristiano Ronaldo Mystery Box, which supplements The CR7 NFT Collection. Join us as we take a look at how the Mystery Box works, reveal what special digital collectibles can be found inside, explain who can claim them, and how to use them.

The CR7 NFT collection — available exclusively on Binance NFT — is the first of a series of drops featuring the football icon Cristiano Ronaldo, and features seven digital statues across four premium rarity levels: Super Super Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R), and Normal (N). 

Each NFT statue depicts Ronaldo in an iconic moment, from his childhood in Portugal to career-defining bicycle kicks. Each rarity level comes with its own set of exclusive perks — including a personal message from Ronaldo, a physical statue, and signed shirts.

Alongside that, we’re excited to unveil The CR7 Mystery Box, which has been designed especially for new Binance users to experience the magic of NFTs for the first time. This article will give an overview of how these mystery boxes work, reveal what NFTs can be found inside, and explain who can claim them. 

We’ll also cover how you can use these CR7 Mystery Box NFTs from the Binance-Ronaldo partnership to win an SSR or SR-tier NFT — complete with owner perks. These are the absolute rarest items from The CR7 NFT Collection. 

While The CR7 Mystery Box is only for new users, there’s also a way for existing Binance users to get their hands on the Stone NFTs that come inside. Read on to find out more.

The CR7 Mystery Box: Free Ronaldo NFTs for New Users

To celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo’s first-ever NFT collection, Binance NFT is giving away 1.5 million CR7 Mystery Boxes to new users who sign up for a Binance account from the event page on a first-come, first-served basis. New users may also qualify to receive the CR7 Mystery Box when registering for a Binance account using the code “RONALDO.” 

Each CR7 Mystery Box will carry one of two exclusive Stone-colored NFTs: “The First Step” (Basic) or “The Breakout” (Common). Note that there are 777,777 NFTs of each type available. 

“The First Step” (Basic) is a Stone statue of the young Ronaldo, looking through the nets of a goal, determined to become the greatest. “The Breakout” (Common) is a Stone statue of Ronaldo performing his legendary stepover.

New Binance users can use the “RONALDO” code to claim their free CR7 Mystery Box from 09:00 UTC on November 18 until 20:00 (UTC) on December 19 — or until all CR7 Mystery Boxes are claimed, whichever comes first. 

Please note that each new Binance account can only claim one free CR7 Mystery Box, and that users must complete identity verification within seven days of claiming the Mystery Box in order to receive it in their account. Once you complete ID verification, it can take an hour or more for your Mystery Box to arrive.

Use Your CR7 Mystery Box to Win a Super Super Rare CR7 NFT

Anyone holding “The First Step” (Basic) NFT or “The Breakout” (Common) NFT will automatically be entered into a giveaway with 2 Super Super Rare (SSR) and 20 Super Rare (SR) Ronaldo NFTs up for grabs. 

The activity period for this giveaway is 2022-11-18 09:00 (UTC) to 2022-12-18 23:59 (UTC).

The snapshot for the giveaway will be made on December 19.

This means that any user who joins Binance during the giveaway activity period (as above), and uses the “RONALDO” code when signing up (or joins via the dedicated CR7 page), can claim a free CR7 Mystery Box NFT, and — if they continue to hold their Mystery Box NFT at the time of the snapshot on December 19 — get a chance of receiving one of the absolute rarest NFTs from The CR7 NFT Collection.

Twenty-two eligible users will be selected to each receive an exclusive SSR or SR NFT. There are two “The Unprecedented” (SSR) NFTs, 10 “The Undisputed” (SR) NFTs, and 10 “The Coronation” (SR) NFTs available through this giveaway. 

As a reminder, there are only a grand total of 7 SSRs and 77 SRs in existence, and these extremely rare NFTs give the owner the following benefits:

SSR NFT owner benefits

  1. Personalized message from Cristiano Ronaldo congratulating you

  2. Signed NFT statue from Ronaldo

  3. Signed Ronaldo Binance shirt

  4. Automatic whitelist into all future CR7 drops

  5. Free CR7 Mystery Box (from a future collection)

  6. Entry into giveaways to win Ronaldo and Binance merchandise.

SR NFT owner benefits

  1. Signed Ronaldo Binance shirt

  2. Automatic Whitelist into all future CR7 drops

  3. Free CR7 Mystery Box (from a future collection)

  4. Entry into giveaways to win Ronaldo and Binance merchandise.

How to Get a CR7 Mystery Box NFT if You’re Not a New User 

Only new Binance users can claim a free CR7 Mystery Box, but existing users can get their hands on this collection from resellers on Binance NFT’s secondary market. 

The secondary market for CR7 Mystery Box NFTs is now open. Secondary buyers can: 

This means that any existing Binance user who doesn’t qualify for the initial Mystery Box giveaway can simply buy a Stone NFT from the secondary market, or purchase an unopened Mystery Box from another user and then claim the NFT inside it. They will then be eligible to win a SSR or SR NFT from the CR7 NFT Collection — as long as they hold “The First Step” (Basic) or “The Breakout” (Common) NFT until the snapshot on December 19.

New to Binance? Sign Up With Referral ID “Ronaldo”

Create a Binance account using the referral code “RONALDO” to qualify for a CR7 Mystery Box (available from November 18 to December 19, or until stocks last).


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Presented by Cristiano Ronaldo x Binance