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How Are NFT Trading Cards Changing The Collectible Experience?


Main Takeaways:

  • Like its real-life counterpart, virtual trading cards are just as exclusive and hype-worthy. Attracting collectors who are willing to pay a premium to add them to their collection. 

  • NFTs are taking collecting to the next level by removing many of the challenges physical collectibles face. 

  • Similar to physical trading cards, NFT trading cards are valued depending on their rarity, utility, and certification. 

NFT trading cards are redefining how collectors trade and collect trading cards. Discover how they’re changing the collectible card landscape with Binance NFT

Long before NFT collectibles existed, trading cards and card games have been popular since the 90s. From rare Pokémon cards to sports cards, collectors have spent thousands of dollars to possess a rare card in their collection. The popularity of physical trading cards and the rise of blockchain technology are now moving these items into the digital realm. 

Trading card games and collectibles are taking on a new life with unique assets traded and stored on the blockchain. The decentralized networks mean collectors can now trade in-game items on third-party platforms and marketplaces, changing how we perceive ownership in the digital era.

Keep on reading to learn more about NFT trading cards, how they’re disrupting the industry and how you can get your hands on your own NFT trading cards. 

What are NFT Trading Cards? 

NFT trading cards are digital trading cards that exist on a blockchain network. Thanks to blockchain technology, people can verify the authenticity and ownership of NFT trading cards. 

How Do NFT Trading Cards Work? 

Similar to real-life trading cards, NFT trading cards are valued depending on their  rarity, utility, and certification. 

Many collectors buy them to show off, just like hobbyists do with physical cards at conventions. Others collect NFT cards as investments, selling off those that appreciate in value.

But, like with traditional trading cards, the value of NFT trading cards can fluctuate by the second. New NFTs and collections are released all the time, and trends may change — especially gaming trends. That is why you should always DYOR before deciding on what NFT cards you want to invest in.

How Are NFTs Changing The Collectible Card Industry?

Hassle-free authentication process

Previously, trading card collectors would have to verify the authenticity of their physical cards through a lengthy process, where they send their cards to a professional authentication and grading service.

However, with NFT trading cards, the entire history of a digital asset can be easily viewed and authenticated on a blockchain ledger. 

Anyone can see when the asset was created, who created it, and how many editions there are. This eliminates the possibility of passing a counterfeit asset as authentic and shortens the lengthy authentication process. 

Increased variety and utility of trading cards

With the growing popularity of NFTs, an increasing number of mainstream artists, celebrities, and major sports organizations are joining the NFTs space as a new way to reach new audiences. This leads to an increased variety of trading card games and collectibles being released on NFT marketplaces. 

Besides the exclusivity element of owning a rare collectible, some NFT trading cards also offer holders perks like playability in NFT games, exclusive access to sporting events, and much more. 

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Minimizing the depreciation of value

Physical trading cards are prone to creases, stains, and scratches. No matter how well you care for them, they will inevitably go through general wear and tear over time, which reduces their value. 

Because NFT trading cards are digital, they are resistant to general wear and tear. This effectively eliminates the risk of damage, as well as loss and theft.

Where Can You Purchase Your First NFT Trading Card?

Now that you understand how NFTs are changing the trading card experience, where can you get yourself your first NFT trading card? 

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Trading cards have been around for a long time. Items such as Pokemon cards and baseball cards have long-held value to collectors. The uniqueness and rarity of some cards give them value beyond sentimentality.

However, issues like the lengthy authentication process and maintaining the cards have become a challenge for collectors. 

NFT technology has solved many problems of physical collectibles and may even improve the way we store and collect things of value in the future.

Ready to dive into the world of NFTs? 

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DISCLAIMER: NFTs are an emerging asset class that is still evolving. The information in this article should not be construed as investment or financial advice. Always do your own research before making any decision to buy, sell or trade NFTs.