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Formula E: High Voltage to Launch Initial Auction of NFT Cars on Featured by Binance, running on an eco-friendly blockchain


Featured by Binance is the decentralized NFT platform incubated by Binance X, the innovation arm of the largest crypto infrastructure builder. Featured by Binance provides a non-custodial, on-chain platform to facilitate the entire lifecycle of NFTs for creators, brands, and their fans. We believe that the next evolution of digital goods will be on the blockchain, and NFTs are the first step towards that transformation.

There are two major components of the Featured by Binance platform. The first part is the primary market, where we have launched four campaigns. The second part is our secondary market, where anyone can mint NFTs and list them for sale. There are more than 30,000 NFTs minted since our launch two months ago.

The Featured by Binance is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain based on the Proof of Staked Authority consensus model that is two-orders of magnitude friendlier for the environment than the blockchains based on Proof of Work consensus. We continue to attract creators who are environmentally conscious to join our platform. We launched campaigns with a movie world builder, a collaboration with an artist and a musician, and a birthday concert of our own.  Most recently, we converted an actual museum from Jeju Island in South Korea into an NFT collection. For our next campaign, we will be launching the NFTs from Formula E's first blockchain game, Formula E: High Voltage.

There will be 24 unique NFTs up for bidding in the BNB in the auction, each representing a unique car playable in Formula E: High Voltage. All 24 cars are "Legendary," the rarest tier after the ultra-scarce Apex tier, followed by Epic, Rare, and Common. Owning a Legendary tier car gains access to top-tier races and opportunities to win more rare and valuable game prizes. This initial action is the only guaranteed way to purchase a First Edition Legendary car directly.

“We are excited to support Formula E: High Voltage in launching their NFT cars as it is a way to bridge electric racing and NFTs. It is an especially fitting collaboration that a brand like Formula E that has ESG values at its core is working with Featured by Binance that's running on the low-carbon impact Binance Smart Chain. The unique NFTs we are launching also demonstrate both full digital ownership and utility value in a blockchain game. We are thrilled to be a part of Formula E's first foray into the blockchain space and proud to represent their brand on our platform," said Teck Chia, CEO of Featured by Binance.

The 7-day initial auction of these NFT cars as English auctions on Featured by Binance will start on August 26th, 2021, and end on September 2nd, 2021. For those interested in bidding, you can visit the Formula E: High Voltage campaign page, read the Campaign Starter Guide, and watch tutorial videos on how to buy NFTs on the platform.  

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